Bloating of the digestive area may come very quickly after a meal.  It can become very painful, with sharp pains causing some patients to double over.

There are many reasons why we have these symptoms.  It can be a parasitic and worm infestation.  Many families these days because hygiene has improves so much, do not realise that drinking tap water may leave you with Giardia Lambia or other varieties of water based parasites.

Parasites breed and can interfere with your digestive system, reversing the peristalsis of the Ileo Cecal valve and causing the digested food meant to be eliminated to go back into the Small Intestine and creating pain, wind gas and bloat.

The type of foods that we eat, may cause digestive problems.  Too many takeaways, sugary drinks and foods can create many problems with your metabolism. 

Your body can become starved of the vitamins and minerals that you need to keep your body strong.  Too much sugar feeds Candida and encourages it to spread throughout your system, killing the friendly bacteria of your gut.  Taking a good quality probiotic can help this but it is even better to reduce the amount of sugary foods from your diet.

Too much takeaway, which can have high levels of fat and salt, can affect your Liver and even create a Gall Stone problem, which can add more wind, gas, bloat and reflux to the problem.

Many viruses can create a severe digestive situation.  A virus like Epstein Barr which may affect every gland in your body, can weaken your digestive system and cause you to have “Leaky Gut”, which can cause constipation, diarrhoea, or gas, wind, and bloat.