Welcome to the wonderful world of natural medicine

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Welcome to the Wonderful
World of Natural Medicine.

I’m Barbara Saker.  Naturopathy and Natural Medicine is my world. I love it and the relief that it brings to so many people.

In this age where we are always being told of the many Bacterias and Viruses that are becoming drug resistant, we need to look for alternatives that will heal or at least help us until the next miracle drug is found.





Barbara Saker, naturopath with over 30 years experience, listens with respect and pieces together a profile from your history, how and when your ailments started so that she can tailor an individual program specifically for you

Getting to know you and your history is important as it often contributes to your symptoms.
Where you went to school, where you were born, where you have lived / traveled, to determine how and when your illness started and what your circumstances were at the time

We don’t put people in a box to treat them . Everybody has an individual programme according to your history and current needs. This is not just a journey to get well , we join them through it all.


It is one thing to have chronic fatigue and such debilitating diseases, but the question that must be asked is "what caused it?". Our hair analysis may be able to give you some answers