With a returning interest in organic and natural foods and the knowledge that they are so good for our bodies, I thought that I would extend this awareness to a whole new level – to look at the fact that these herbs do not only nourish us but are capable of healing simple illnesses as well. The advantage of this is that they are usually found in our homes and have a low cost benefit.

I have lived with four children in an area 40kms away from chemists, Doctors and hospitals and can understand the feeling of helplessness in a mother and father when their child is sick and there is nobody with medical knowledge to ask.

Every minute seems like an hour. As any parent knows children can become ill so quickly and the more immediate the treatments at hand, the more time it will give to get that professional help if needed.

So let us begin the journey and learn about the priceless gifts from our gardens that live in our pantries. These herbs and spices can help to keep our families well with low cost and accessibility.

Image courtesy of Praisaeng / FreeDigitalPhotos.net