Unraveling the Mystery of Glandular Fever

Glandular Fever is a virus that is totally underestimated.

It appears to attack every gland, hormone and lymph node in the body. This leaves us with a frightening picture of the damage that it can do in our bodies.

In many cases, there is no blood testing done, it is just assumed that it is a bacteria and antibiotics are given with the patient being asked to come back if they do not improve.

No antibiotics should be given for a virus especially Glandular Fever.

In most cases it will make the virus dormant, with the ability to reactivate depending on the amount of stress present in the patient’s lives. This may happen in three months, six months or maybe not even for a few years, depending on their lifestyle and the amount of anxiety and stress in their everyday living.

When you start to get a complete picture of just what it can do, you realise that more has to be done to take this disease seriously.

A common time to contract this disease is coming into puberty, when the glands are starting to change. This may leave a teenager very moody, and with constant sore throats and swollen glands. A girl just starting her periods may experience severe pain, headaches, irregular periods, skin breakouts and weight gain. I have found that in nearly all these cases, Glandular Fever is never even taken into account as a possibility.

With Glandular Fever, every gland, every hormone and every lymph node in the body can be affected.

Unstable Weight Glandular Fever

We have to start to wake up to the fact, that that happens to affect nearly every function of your body.

  • Your sex drive,
  • Your fertility,
  • Your moods,
  • Your weight,
  • the amount of fluid in our legs,
  • Your learning ability,
  • Your concentration,
  • even our memory.

Glandular Fever plays a large part in the level of energy that we have to do our daily tasks.

It is extremely important that Glandular Fever be recognised for it to be treated and the weakened organs balanced. We determine this by doing a hair sample and suggesting natural medicines that will help detoxify and strengthen the Immune system.
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