As we are all using Hand Sanitisers to minimise infection and decrease the spread of the Coronavirus, I thought it may be interesting to learn more about the different Acupuncture points that are on the hand, which can be targeted to relieve ourselves of various illness-related symptoms that occur all around the body.

By using a high-quality hand sanitiser, one made with therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils, we have the ability to strengthen various organs of the body via Acupuncture points on our hands while, at the same time, protecting ourselves from the threat of the Coronavirus.

The hand channels, like all acupuncture points, are divided into Yin and Yang, which represent opposing Qi energy forces that must remain in equal balance to maintain good health and wellness in the body.

The Yin channels on the hand are:

  • Hand Tai Yin (Lung)
  • Hand jue yi (pericardium)
  • Hand shao yin (Heart)

The Yang channels on the hand are:

  • Hand yang ming (Large Intestine)
  • Hand shao yang (triple burner)
  • Hand tai yang (small Intestine)

By applying essential oils to our hands by regular use of a high-quality hand sanitiser, we can activate these channels and promote the flow of Qi energy to prevent disruptions and imbalances before they happen.

Alchemic Essences Spritz Hand Sanitiser – Naturopath Australia Online

Our new Spritz Hand Sanitiser was created with this in mind, incorporating five carefully chosen essential oils – Cinnamon, Lemon, Clove, Rosemary and Eucalyptus – that each provides important healthful benefits to the body while simultaneously eliminating harmful bacteria and keeping the skin moisturised.

The natural benefits provided from each essential oil used in the Alchemic Essences Hand Sanitiser are as follows:-

Cinnamon Oil – may reduce stress and relieve pain. Cinnamon is an antifungal and antibacterial, which also helps to improve circulation.

Lemon Oil – has powerful antimicrobial activity that can uplift the mood while leaving a refreshing smell on the hands.

Clove Oil – is an antibacterial and antimicrobial, making it a natural enemy of germs. It has also been known to repel mosquitoes and ticks.

Rosemary Oil – helps support the immune system, soothes inflammation and improves memory.

Eucalyptus Oil – is calming, helps relieve congestion of sinuses and lungs, and eases aches and pains throughout the body.

Why not multitask when we disinfect our hands so many times during the day? All it takes is a high-quality plant-based hand sanitiser.

We’re proud to mention that the Spritz Hand Sanitiser also has an uplifting story behind it, having been created by one determined young mum who, during self-isolation, while her employment was made no longer possible, committed herself in creating the Spritz Hand Sanitiser to financially support her two special needs children, as well as assist in the shortage of hand sanitation products within her local community.

Other essential ingredients that make up the Spritz Hand Sanitiser include Aloe Barbadensis 99% and Ethyl Alcohol 95.2%, with all ingredients in line with TGA guidelines.

Alchemic Essences Spritz Hand Sanitiser is now available for purchase for all our loyal patients and customers at Naturopath Australia.