For common aches and pains, stings and burns, there are many natural remedies we can turn to that are very effective and easily made at home.

Plants, for example, have healing powers that many of us are unaware of, and in this masterclass, you will learn a few useful techniques and natural remedies that will help to prepare you for many common afflictions. 

Head Pain, Feelings of Pressure, Tingling or Burning

The trigger for this acupressure is pain and aching around the top of the head, as well as uncomfortable feelings of pressure, tingling or burning.

Using the thumb or finger, apply direct pressure just below the mastoid process – a point found on the curve of the jaw in line with the lower ear. Take the head as far forward as possible and turn the face away from the side that’s being treated.

This should be held for 1 to 2 minutes.

Common Headaches

Make a 1-litre mixture of triple-strength lavender and rosemary tea to add to a warm bath. Add a further 10 drops of essential lavender oil and swirl to distribute.

Relax for at least 20 minutes until the headache subsides.

Bee Stings 

For bee stings, it’s important to scrape the bee sting out sideways (never remove with tweezers) before massaging the stung area with a homemade paste of bicarbonate of soda and water. Repeat as often as desired until the sting is soothed.

If a bee sting allergy is suspected, make an immediate visit to the hospital and apply the treatment while on the way. 

Jellyfish Stings

Our tropical waters may have jellyfish in greater numbers from October to May, making it important that we are prepared for any unwanted stings when visiting the coast during these months.

Prepare a 2-litre spray bottle of vinegar and, if stung, flood the afflicted area for at least 30 seconds. If available, apply ice to further ease the pain and any swelling. Continue to monitor any jellyfish stings in case of an allergic reaction. Some stings, such as those from an irukandji, may present with minor pain at first before more serious symptoms develop up to 45 minutes later. If you suspect that the sting is from an irukandji or box jellyfish, make sure to seek urgent medical help.

Minor Burns

For minor burns, hold the burn under cold water continuously for 10 minutes, then smear an aloe vera gel or lavender oil on to the burn, which will help the cooling process.

Repeat this every 15 to 20 minutes without covering (leave the burned area to open-air).

To Counteract Shock

To counteract a shock, use Dr Bach’s effective rescue remedy, consisting of a natural homeopathic mix of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rockrose and Star of Bethlehem. Apply 5 drops under the patient’s tongue and continue every 15 minutes if the situation warrants it.

This remedy may also be rubbed on to pulse points if the patient is unable to swallow it.

The Wonders of Natural Medicine Remedies

Natural medicine is a wonderful thing to learn as it is effective, useful for a variety of common health problems and simple, using techniques that all of us can learn as well as remedies that can be easily made at home from the numerous plants we have readily available to us.

You can improve your health, and life, with the many benefits of natural medicine!

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