These days we are offered a selection of cabbages. They are wonderful as a muscle builder and cleanser.

It is better eaten raw as it has high levels of Vitamin A.

A meal with raw cabbage is a wonderful way to stimulate the Intestines and relieve constipation issues.

Excessive daily intake may play a part in the Thyroid disease — Goitre.

Many a new mother that has a problem feeding her baby has been grateful to the cabbage leaf poultice for the relief of the pain of Mastitis. Use the thickest and greenest outside leaves. Thoroughly wash them in warm water and dry with a towel the whole leaves should be used for the compresses. Make the leaves flat, soft and smooth with a rolling pin after removing the thick veins Place the warmed leaves on a linen cloth and a soft woollen cloth should be put over it and left overnight.

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