Dr Bach qualified as a Doctor in 1912 and he became a Surgeon at the National Temperance Hospital London. Dr Bach became very ill in 1917 and was told that he only had 3 months to live. He decided that he still had a lot of work to do and became so absorbed in it that he suddenly realised that the three months had passed, and he appeared to be getting stronger every day.

It came to him that being absorbed in his work and not thinking about his illness appeared to give him a physical advantage. He started a new research that put the emphasis on the emotional responses to a disease. He chose Homoeopathy as the desired medicine as so little was required. He researched plants in homoeopathic form for various emotional states and was amazed at the response of patients to the medicine. People frightened and ill would be helped by taking the plant mimulus. Often people overwhelmed by responsibilities would become exhausted and depressed. Calm judgement would be helped by taking a dose of Elm to restore their natural confidence. Another wonderful Bach remedy is the wild Rose in the case of apathy and resignation, it will help reawaken an interest in living and a zest for life.
When Dr Bach died in 1936, he had put together 38 remedies that even today are used as a safe and beneficial complement to orthodox medicine.