Bach Flowers Remedies – Part 2:

Continuing with our explanation of the Bach Flowers Remedies (if you missed part 1, you can find it here:

AGRIMONY: Is often used to help people that hide their worries under a mask of good humour. It may assist the patient in bringing their problems out in the open where they can deal with them.

ASPEN: Unexplained anxiety, fear that something will always go wrong. Aspen helps the emotions by alleviating unfounded fears.

BEECH: Doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Will help with a more tolerant attitude to others.

CENTUARY: These people have a lot of trouble saying “No”, even when they know they should. Centuary will help restore their confidence in their own judgement.

CERATO:  is often prescribed to patients who mistrust their own judgement.  They ask advice of other people because they lack confidence in their own intuition, often to their own detriment.

CHERRY PLUM: often these people talk about suicide, are very angry. Cherry Plum appears to make them calmer and more in control.

CHESTNUT BUD: Appears to help people that always seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. Chestnut bud gives a focus and allows positive changes to take place.

CHICORY: Chicory people are the ones that are of the opinion that they know best for everyone else. Chicory gives the security that they can love without needing to control.

CLEMATIS: These are the daydreamers that live in a world of their own. Brings a sense of purpose to very sensitive souls.

CRAB APPLE: These people are often called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Crab Apple can bring a sense of balance into their lives which makes living easier for them and the family around them.

ELM: These wonderful men & women are the salt of the earth where they try to take over all responsibility. Elm can help when they find it is too much and it is overwhelming.

GENTIAN: Our Gentian friends drop their bundles when ever they experience a setback. These people make poor patients as give up on any treatment before it has a chance to make difference. The remedy gentian encourages a positive outlook leading to a brighter future.

GORSE: Feel hopeless if given an adverse medical diagnosis and sink into a victim mode “WHY ME”. Gorse gives them the strength to stay calm and allow the treatments to work.

HEATHER: Talks incessantly about their problems . self obsessed. Heather gives the strength to cope with their own concerns , and can encourage them to listen instead of over talking everybody.

HOLLY: Carries resentment and hatred like a badge. Outbursts of temper Holly helps give a sense of peace and harmony, restores faith in other people.


HONEYSUCKLE: These people are inclined to live in the past. Trapped in memories. Allows a patient to appreciate the lessons learnt from the past but to live in the present and look forward to the future.

HORNBEAM: Chronic Fatigue. Feels like they are too tired to complete a task. This remedy works to restore people’s confidence in their own ability to finish what they start. Restores strength and optimism.

IMPATIENS: These people can easily become frustrated and irritable if things move too slowly. The Homoeopathic made from the Impatiens plant helps increase patience with people and situations.

LARCH: Lack of self belief. It is no use trying “I cannot do it”. Instills confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.

MIMULUS: Fear and worry around everyday situations . Any fear where a cause can be named. Gives courage to help overcome fears. Restore Balance.

MUSTARD: Overcome with gloom and depression . No joy in anything. Helps attain a serenity and stability. Regain joy in living.

OAK: The Oak character has a tendency to overwork and try to hide the tiredness, as they do not want to let other people down. They tend to push themselves until eventually they crash. Helps restore their natural strength and energy with balance.

OLIVE: Absolute exhaustion, both mental and physical. Balances the approach to life. Restores strength and vitality.

PINE: Living with guilt. Takes on guilt for everything around him. Helps people learn from past mistakes and move on to a more positive lifestyle.

RED CHESTNUT: Worries too much about their loved ones. Helps free the family from the overconcern. Creates a Balance.

RESCUE REMEDY: is not an individual remedy but a combination of five of the Bach Flower remedies.  it treats shock and fear, and as any mother that has often used it knows, it has a wonderful calming effect on young children.  It is also a wonderful aid during childbirth.  Rescue Remedy combines Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Impatiens, and Clematis.

ROCK ROSE: Blind panic, out of control. A feeling of helplessness. No hope. Gives a sense of calmness. Removes the panic from the situation.

ROCK WATER: Rigid in their ideas. Exaggerated perfectionism. They are always right. Helps them relax and even listen to and accept other people’s ideas.

SCLERANTHUS: These people cannot make a decision. Goes back and forth. Between two options. Mood swings. Helps them in their decision making. Changes uncertainty into a positive result.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Helps with shock. Supports the numbness and the inability to cope with the situation. Balances the normal mental, emotional and physical faculties.

SWEET CHESTNUT: Extremes of loneliness. Feels all hope is gone. Gives the strength to deal with life. Restores the desire to change any circumstances that have lead to this desolation.

Argentine Vervain

VERVAIN: Holds tension and a great deal of stress. Over commitment to causes. Helps establish more tolerance of other people’s points of view.

VINE: A craving for power. Wants to lead and dominate. Helps turn that power into a desire to help and guide others without the domination.

WALNUT: Very sensitive to other people’s opinions. Cares too much what other people will think of her. Frees them from interference. They can gain the belief in their own decisions.

WATER VIOLET: Aloof and very often lonely. Water Violet helps them to drop the barriers and let other people into their lives.

WHITE CHESTNUT: Worry, worry, worry and mental arguments . No peace in their head. The brain is like a merry go round always going round and round with unwanted thoughts. Helps brings peace to the mind . Develop the ability to solve the problem and then let it go.

WILD OAT: Aimless drifting . Doesn’t know what it is they want in life. Calms the brain down enough so that they can establish their true vocation.

WILD ROSE: Apathy, lacks energy and mental activity. “Can’t be bothered” is a common phrase. Encourages a renewed interest in life.

WILLOW: Self pity, sulky and resentful, no gratitude “The Victim”. Helps with a more positive approach to other people. Stops the negativity.

Emotions are the electric light switch that creates disease in our bodies, and turns our mental problems into our physical weaknesses. Without stress and intense emotions there would not be so much sickness in our world today. Bach Flower Remedies are such simple medications without traumatic side effects that help to make life a little easier.

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