Thyme - The Natural Treatment for Head Lice

Mothers Miracle – Thyme

Head lice are a constant worry for the mothers of school age children. They can be constantly passed from one person to another, usually by direct contact. Sharing of combs, brushes, hats and pillows will also spread lice.

Lice puncture the skin and suck blood, laying eggs, called “Nits” which attach to the hair. Large outbreaks may occur in schools as lice spread more easily and quickly in over crowded conditions. Itching of the head is the first sign that someone may have lice and nits, thoroughly check the hair, looking close to the scalp. The grey coloured eggs are just visible to the naked eye. Can be seen very clearly using a magnifying glass.

Combing essential OIL OF THYME through the hair with a fine toothcomb daily until they are cleared up is a natural and safe remedy. THYME is a powerful antiseptic which contains thymol.