Grapes are easily assimilated; they are very valuable in the case of weak digestion, chronic fatigue and fevers.

The grapes combination of cellulose, sugar and acid make it a great laxative food, one needs to take around 350 grams of grapes daily to achieve the desired result.

As far back as 1556 German Doctors were using what they called the “Grape Cure” . These Doctors used fresh grape juice to be taken in five meals daily over a period of four to six weeks. They used this treatment for a variety of diseases.

The grape has a wonderful diuretic effect with its high water contents and potassium salt. Its value in kidney troubles is enhanced by its low albumin and sodium chloride.

Excellent food remedy in acute and chronic nephritis.

It may help in the treatment of kidney and bladder stones.

Grapes should be used as soon as possible after purchase as they have a poor shelf life.

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