Living in Queensland, I believe that we should all be aware of the dangers of mosquitoes and the tropical diseases that they spread.

To help prevent the spread of these viruses we should all take precautions around our homes.

Check around your living areas/gardens to make sure that there are no stagnant pools of water either in pots, buckets or small ponds.  These are the areas in which mosquitoes love to breed.

Wear long loose clothing and use natural insect repellents in mosquito prone areas.

Avoid mosquito -prone areas especially at dusk and dawn, these are the times that mosquitoes are more active and more likely to bite us.

Ross River infection will often present at first with flu like symptoms, no coughs or sniffles, but will give you a fever, headaches, dizziness, chills tiredness and no energy.

As the virus progresses, you may develop stiffness in the joints, worse in the morning.  A rash can occur on the body, arms and legs.

If the virus is not treated there may be symptoms of swollen joints, causing Epidemic Polyarthritis Infection which can result in debilitating arthritis, lethargy and muscle aches which can re-occur, becoming more intense and painful as you get older.