No, I do not believe so. Rashes can occur sometimes with the disease as the organs are weakened by the virus.

The hormones out of balance may cause a pimple/acne type of rash. If the viral attack is very severe you may have the liver weakened and the possibility of jaundice causing yellowed eyes and skin.

In many cases this virus is mistaken for a bacteria and antibiotics are prescribed. The rashes that I have seen appear to be a reaction to a particular antibiotic that is given .

With glandular fever the endocrine system is affected, and that can mean any or all of the hormones can be out of balance at any one time.

This may create fever rashes even to the point of hot flushes, the face may redden and the temperature may rise.

If the Liver is involved, red patches may appear anywhere on the body, sometimes they may itch and sometimes not, and in many cases it is thought that the Glandular fever has a common rash as part of its normal symptoms. I think that in most of these cases it has been a prior infection and/or a weakened immune system.

So we have to look at your prior history.

If there is prior case of skin problems, such as eczema or dermatitis, especially if cortisone has been used to treat the infections. The stress of glandular fever and the change in hormone levels may activate the old rashes. Even though I do not believe that there is a rash common to glandular fever, rashes may present during the period of the virus.

In one case of glandular fever I have seen a shingles type rash occur, later learning that this particular patient had three attacks of the herpes zoster virus (Shingles) over a period of nearly 20 years.

With the exhaustion and hormone imbalance that may be caused by glandular fever, headaches occur, you may be too tired to look after yourself well, so you do not eat fresh, home cooked food. In these cases, takeaway is the easiest option, resulting in your body becoming even more toxic.

If the Lymphatic system is blocking, as does often happen in Glandular fever cases, your system in incapable of getting rid of the toxins in your body completely.

With that happening in an already weakened system, your body has no other alternative but to send all those toxins out to the skin.

Remember your body is programmed to protect your vital organs, so it really won’t care if you do not look as attractive as you would normally, and your skin has blotches or even itchy rashes. Your immune system is happy your organs are not being so affected by the toxins.

Your body is amazing in its ability to help you heal. Listen to it, go with your feelings as to how to care for it. Remember, it is your vehicle for life. It is a bit difficult to trade it in and order a new one.

Good health is the greatest treasure that we can have. Protect it!