How long to get over Glandular Fever is a very difficult question to answer. It belongs in the “how long is a piece of string” category and depends on a variety of factors…

The answer depends on how the virus was treated when it was first contracted. If it has been mistaken for a bacteria and it was not known it was a virus, giving antibiotics would cause the virus to seemingly improve for a time by making it dormant. At some time it will re-active and become acute.

Many patients that have come to the clinic are in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Some have been diagnosed with Glandular Fever, even months or years before, but every time the glands start to swell or the throat becomes swollen, the temperature raises and you generally feel unwell.

It is often mistaken for Tonsilitis with a Streptococci bacteria, and so antibiotics are again prescribed there by continuing the cycle.

Continuing to take antibiotics for a virus may create another type of disease in the form of a fungal infection.

This in itself adds another problem, as fungi can give many symptoms depending on where the infection activates.

If it appears in the sinus cavities, it may leave you with a post nasal drip that may take the fungi down into the gastrointestinal tract, thereby giving you digestive problems, as the fungi will affect the friendly bacteria of the gut.

Taking probiotics will only help the problem in the fact that it will start to restore the friendly bacteria, but the probiotics do not kill the fungi that has caused the damage.

Fungi can often be experienced as severe vaginal thrush thereby causing an irritating burning or itch which is capable of affecting your sex life.

There are many forms of skin rashes that are attributed to a fungal infection.

The fungi can create an overwhelming craving for sugar and yeast as these are the types of foods that will help it spread throughout our bodies.

This constant craving can give a higher level of sugar in our bodies, leading to obesity and, if the Pancreas is weakened by the glandular fever, there may be the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

When you start to realise that glandular fever affects every gland, hormone and lymph node in the body, it opens Pandora’s box to what other symptoms may occur.

If the lymph starts to swell the jawline, it may block and make the ears itch and irritating. It may be mistaken for earache instead of what it is – blocked lymph.

As I said earlier, it is a complex question as to how long it takes to get over glandular fever. A lot depends on the previous treatment, the strength of the individual immune system, the amount of stress in our life and level of rest that we can achieve.

The main thing is to listen to our bodies, if it feels that you need rest, then that is what you should do, if you feel that you can go for a walk on the beach, then by all means do it. This is one virus that you cannot exercise out of your body. If you want a complete cure then learn to treat it with respect.

It would be wise to determine the cause of these symptoms, and have testing done so that there may be appropriate treatment. We offer a hair sample test which may help your decision making.

It is extremely important that Glandular Fever be recognised for it to be treated and the weakened organs balanced. We determine this by doing a hair analysis and suggesting natural medicines that will help detoxify and strengthen the Immune system. To order your Hair Analysis click here