Beat the sneeze, and reduce hay fever this spring!

Do you experience allergies? If you have seasonal allergies, you probably have a love/hate connection with spring. Going outside to smell the fresh blooms is alluring, but it isn’t as pleasant when you’re stuffy and congested!

Patients frequently use over-the-counter antihistamines to decrease the severity of their allergy symptoms. However, these drugs prevent the immune system from producing histamine due to exposure to an allergen. Histamine production can cause a runny nose, watery eyes, itching, swelling, and other symptoms.

Although taking antihistamines to treat the sniffles makes sense, these drugs can also have adverse side effects like sleepiness, lethargy, headaches, and nausea. Additionally, some patients utilise nasal corticosteroids, which can irritate and dry out the nose.

Are you trying to find a natural cure for your symptoms? We’ve compiled a list of Barbara’s favourite natural allergy treatments to assist you in getting through the season so you can start figuring out your best course of action for relief.

Hayfever Products

It has long been used in homoeopathic therapy to treat seasonal allergies and hay fever symptoms. It can lessen mild allergy symptoms and ease slight upper respiratory tract congestion.

Bromelains are also present in quercetain to aid in the reduction of inflammation, and quercetin in the supplement aids in alleviating the symptoms of mild allergies. Additionally, it functions as an antioxidant to reduce the body’s production of free radicals. Bromelains have analgesic properties.

Note this is a practitioner-only line, but patients may purchase it with a prescription through our Private Patients-only site. This product has a high concentration of quercetin and bromelain, which may lessen the allergic reaction to typical triggers, including dust and pollen. Possibly helpful for providing short-term relief from minor hip and knee pain.

The advantages of fungi herbal tea may reduce inflammation, relieve stress, improve the immune system, and more. This tea is excellent if exposed to black mould at home. Use it two times each day.

Eucalyptus oil will provide additional assistance in helping to open your airways and make you feel more comfortable. When used with Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil, it works best. Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil is sweet, fruity, and slightly camphorous. Arthritis, bronchitis, catarrh, cold sores, flu, coughing, fever, poor circulation, and sinusitis may all benefit from it.

The ingredients in Black Pearl Bi Min Gan Wan have been traditionally used to treat nasal congestion and to reduce the symptoms of hay fever.

It concludes our list of Barbara’s top five all-natural allergy remedies, which will help you get through the season and decide on your best course of action for relief. Also, we are offering specific discounts that you can use.

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