In our previous blog we looked at the possibility of physical trauma affecting the Male role in producing children.

We also have to be aware of what job a partner has, to check if there is anything connected to his employment that could weaken his reproductive system.

A landscape gardener has to contend with Roundup and other herbicides also pesticides that can affect the kidneys, and the reproductive areas of the body.  Industrial chemicals are very difficult for the Kidneys to filter and help detox the body.

An man in administration is usually sitting 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week.  

This also can have an affect on his circulation, the making of sperm and produce abnormal delivery of the Sperm.

Many men like a drink after work and on the weekends, where they can stand or sit around for hours drinking beer or wine, which is full of sugar, yeast, and hops.  Some men admit to having 10 to 20 beers a day which is going to create an internal thrush.

This can lead to getting a urinary tract infection, which can leave the male with urine that burns, bad back pains, dizziness, lack of concentration, poor performance in the bedroom, severe itch around the genital area, the thrush may even cause a rash over the whole body.

The population needs healthy babies and that can only be achieved by having healthy parents.