It is amazing when an infertility problem arises in a family everybody just assumes that it is the woman that has the weakness not the male.

There are many reasons why a male can become infertile, testing has shown that one third of infertility is caused by male reproductive problems.

Only 4% to 10 % of Sperm are shown to be normal in a semen sample.

There is abnormal sperm production, abnormal sperm function, abnormal sperm delivery.  Much of this can be caused by their lifestyle, physical trauma, or if they have had previous cancer treatments.

We have to start looking at the fact that the male is part of this reproduction story, the female may carry and bear the child but is only a part of the production process.

The lifestyle of the prospective parents play an important part in the begetting of children.

If the male has had a car accident, this can leave shock in the body and fear which in turn will weaken the Kidneys and the reproductive process.

We store our emotions in our organs, and with the trauma of a car accident, we all react in different ways.  Some may be angry even at themselves as they may have caused the accident.  This can affect your Liver and Gallbladder and then have a flow on effect to another organ, for example the Stomach, which in turn will cause the digestion system to weaken and prevent the correct metabolism of our food.

The wide range of emotions and reactions to the emotions can definitely create a problem for a male, especially if he is trying to procreate.