Chronic Fatigue – they are frightening words to many people who have lost their jobs, careers, even their businesses, homes, and friends because they were not able to perform any normal tasks that they could do so easily before this debilitating condition struck.

Many patients have been diagnosed with Anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.  If it is not known what is the matter with you and all the tests have proven negative, then “it must be in your head”.

So not only do these patients lose their normal lifestyles with social connections, they are labelled as mentally ill.  

Often they are given anti-depressions that have very questionable side-effects, and can in the end create an addiction to the prescription.

Learn to listen to your body, be aware of the various weaknesses that occur and note the times that they happen.  This information helps any practitioner.  It can tell which major organ is weak, even the foods that weaken you or make you sick is part of the puzzle.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have “Chronic Fatigue”.  There is a way out of this terrible condition.

Any practitioner needs your help.  You know yourself better than anybody.  Start taking notice of what you can do, and how weak it makes you.  Is your throat sore?  Are your glands swollen?  Do your legs tremble when you try to walk?  How long does it take you to shower and dress?  The answers to these questions are important and will help solve the problem.