Chronic fatigue is one of the most debilitating conditions to strike our community.  It can strike suddenly without warning and send a patient to bed for months.  

All the tests you have may prove negative, as the tests will usually only show what has been requested.  If the Doctor has not requested exactly what is the cause you will not get the answer that you need.

Many patients wake up one morning and suddenly have not got the energy that they had yesterday.  

Getting out of bed, showering and getting dressed is the main chore of the day, and can take hours to accomplished.  This scenario seems impossible to a young healthy person, but many teenagers are faced with this reality.

Many in this condition have been told that it is all in their heads that they are lazy, they just do not want to work.  

I have seen teenagers crying with relief because they are told that they have Chronic Fatigue, now they think they know what is the problem.

Look at the words “Chronic Fatigue”.  It means that you are always tired – didn’t these patients know that they are always tired?

So what have they gained by this diagnosis?  In short, nothing.

The cause of this “Chronic Fatigue” has to be found, and when you are dealing with a normally healthy person, you have to keep looking.  

The practitioner has got to get to know their patients, their habits and their diet preferences, their hobbies, where they were brought up.  

Every country in the world has certain viruses and bacterias that are more common in that part of the world.  

The practitioner must become familiar with their patients background.