Because so many of us have such busy lifestyles, tiredness overall is dismissed as a cultural symptom.  

There have been many surveys telling us that Australians are among the citizens that work the longest hours in the world.

That tiredness can be a signal that we need to slow down and “smell the roses”, learn to switch off and relax.  

Enjoy our families more and invite our friends over for a meal and a chat, and take time to holiday and renew our energies.

But again, that excessive tiredness especially in young people may be a warning sign that there is something amiss, and just maybe a check-up is recommended.

Hypoglycaemia:  people miss meals because they are too busy to eat, tradies in particular are prone to this.  

They eat at 6am and maybe not again till they have dinner at night because they have to finish the plaster or maybe the concrete is drying too fast.  

The brickwork has to be finished or they may not get paid this week.  

When the 3 o clock slump kicks in, a can of coke will raise the blood sugar enough to finish the day.

When people have that exhausted feeling, no energy to do much at all, then it is time to investigate and look for the cause behind it.  

Especially if you know that they eat good food and try to get enough sleep.  

They are not heavy drinkers and do not smoke much or at all.  

Look at the lifestyle – if that is as it should be, do not dismiss the exhaustion but search for the answers as to why?