Black Mould has been with us forever , It even mentions in the Bible how to clean your house if you have black mould , if it cannot be cleaned properly , the house should be dismantled referring to the old age system of building with stones.

Many of us do not take Black mould seriously enough , and think we can clean it off our walls and ceilings with a bit bleach and a cloth . Very few even wear masks or gloves , and with bare arms and legs ( especially here in the tropics ) we get to work scrubbing and rubbing , not realising  that as we disturb those spores they are moving into the very air we breathe and can easily enter our nasal passages and mouth.

Our sinuses can become clogged and we can develop breathing difficulties, many of us do  develop a post nasal drip taking the infection down into our gastrointestinal tract thereby creating an internal thrush , which will affect our digestive system and our metabolism of various foods.

If your sinuses become clogged, it makes your breathing very difficult when you are trying to sleep . You can begin to snore and disturb your partner which can lead to more personal problems .

Without clear deep breathing you are likely to develop certain allergies , which in turn can restrict your diet and make you very sensitive to the foods that you love .

We need to breathe deeply to keep our Lungs open and give our body the Oxygen it needs to maintain our organs and circulation .

Black mould can affect every aspect of our life.