As we have discussed in a previous paper, Black Mould is so dangerous to our overall health that we should be aware of it in our living quarters work spaces , sheds and outdoor areas.

I have pointed out the dangers to our Lungs , sinuses and therefore our breathing levels.

That is not all that it can affect.

Black Mould can give us a variety of symptoms including severe migraines that can lead you vomiting with diarrhoea for up to 12 hours.

Your head can feel like you are wearing a tight hat – headaches mild and severe.

Head feels like it is pumping / your hair on the crown of your head is especially oily.

Hair can fall out at your temples, a lump can form in the middle of the left temple.

Black mould because it can block your sinuses and your nasal passages can give short term memory loss. Your breathing can become laboured with these symptoms , making it difficult for you to walk far or  to climb up stairs.

With conditions like this your breathing becomes shallow , you do not take the air deep down into your Lungs , your body starts to lack Oxygen and you can become very light headed and feel like fainting .

It is wise to do deep breathing exercises every day, lay on a bed and put your hands over the navel with your fingertips touching , take a deep breath pushing your stomach out, hold for the count of 4- the fingers should have separated with the air going deeply into your body . Release the air slowly until your fingers are touching across the navel again.

Doing this every day you are less likely to get Black mould and bacteria into your Lungs.

Your organs  work much better with a good supply of Oxygen , and as a bonus- cancer cells do not like great levels of Oxygen.