Bronchial asthma is a lung problem in which small bronchial passages become swollen and narrow.  This results in breathing difficulty and wheezing.

Older patients with a history of serious heart disease can get attacks of cardiac asthma at night.

  • Constant pressure in the chest
  • Hoarse dry croupy cough
  • Lungs full of mucous
  • Coarse rattling noise
  • Extreme breathlessness
  • Terrible wheezing
  • Loss of voice – pain in Larynx
  • Chronic Lung problems
  • Feels as if patient would suffocate
  • Chest sensitive to touch
  • Asthma following Pneumonia
  • Phlegm does not yield to cough

The main symptoms are tightness in the chest, difficult cough, wheezing sounds on breathing out.

At times the skin may turn blue and the pulse may become fast.

In babies and young children difficulty in breathing results in the lower ribs being drawn inwards.

Bronchial asthma is a respiratory disease.  

It is not to be confused with Cardiac Asthma which affects patients with heart disease and which is much more serious.