The respiratory system is subject to attack by hundreds of organisms, either bacteria or viruses. The common cold and sinusitis are disorders of the respiratory system.

There are different forms of asthma. 

Asthma Bronchial is a lung problem in which small bronchial passages become swollen and narrow.  This results in breathing difficulty and wheezing.

Asthma Cardiac is another form of Asthma – Older patients with a history of serious heart disease can get attacks of cardiac asthma at night.

Children are often diagnosed as having asthma after being diagnosed with Croup, when there is failure to expectorate mucous from the Lungs. Breathing in fresh air and exercise helps keep the respiratory system in good order.

Many of us are what is termed “Shallow Breathers”.  If we continue to do this our bodies can become short of Oxygen and not expanding our Lungs continuously can cause our lower lobes to close and breed bacteria.  

We need to do deep breathing exercises every day as a health routine to keep out lungs expanded and give our body the Oxygen it needs.  

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We can live without food and water for a limited time but not without Oxygen.