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5.0 Rating from 45 Reviews

So pleased Cam was recommended to us

Over the last couple of months my husband and I both experienced health issues which seriously affected our general wellbeing. My husband has a long term sleeping disorder as well. Cameron spent time thoroughly investigating the symptoms and diagnosing the cause of these issues and provided great support, he also prescribed some natural remedies that really helped. The sleep drops worked like a charm and did wonders for my husband’s sleeping problem – he now actually has a decent night’s sleep to the point where on some mornings I have to check him to see if he is still breathing, as he has not slept in for the last 10 years!

From here on we will always use Cameron’s services and knowledge as a first port of call when we have some medical or stress related issues.  We also recommended Cam to several of our friends and other family members with great results. Thanking you Cameron, your remedies work like a dream – Highly recommended

Love & Light

February 8, 2024
Petrena and John

Life saver! I’m not kidding.

I have spent 2 years in and out of seeing doctors, pediatrician’s and the emergency department with my 5yr old son and seemed to be getting no where.
We had constant diagnosis of a ‘Viral infection’ which lead us to ICU numerous times and no real answers on what was causing my son to be constantly sick.

My partner and I were at a loss on what to do and I was near on having a nervous breakdown watching as my son cried to me and I could do nothing.
I felt helpless, the doctors were useless and we were stuck in this cycle of illness that just kept returning.

This year alone my son has been to the doctor 17 times and I was getting sick of being told viral infection. My younger son is fine things so these ‘Viral infections’ just weren’t adding up and no one was listening to me just kept saying ‘children get sick’. I felt like I was losing my mind or it was all in my mind until my sons kindergarten teacher reached out to me.

My son had pretty much all of last term off with illness, he looked terrible and then his teacher pulled me aside. She knew of all the trouble I was having and suggested to me a Homeopath that she was using and who had also helped another child at the kindergarten.

With nothing to lose but my hair she took a picture of my sons tongue and sent it to Cameron.

Within minutes Cameron has asked if my son was suffering from certain symptoms all of which he was so I began to communicate with Cameron.
I was impressed, what did he know and how did he know just from looking at his tongue these symptoms which were pretty random and yet I had not been ask this from any doctor?

I couldn’t get into the pediatrician till new year and my son needed help now!

After talking with Cameron he said my son was riddled with parasites and after learning we were on tank water it was no surprise to Cameron that this was our problem. My son had just had Rota Virus amongst all the ‘Viral infections’ and I was currently testing my tank water but all the doctors had said to me that our water is not the problem. If it was we all would be sick according to them.

My water tested positive for coliform bacteria and I was surprised to say the least. Cameron figured this out just after looking at my sons tongue and talking to me over the phone! I had be telling every doctor that we were on tank water and not one even suggested this would be the problem, just ‘Viral infection’.
I began following Camerons advise and every single time he was right. We started an oral liquid prescribe by Cameron just 2 drops every second day and 2 months later the following had happened.

My son no longer had;
• High temperatures which in the past cause him to have febrile seizers
• Sore tummy
• Dizzy
• Skin rash on his face
• Itchy eyes
• Itchy bottom
• Pale
• Fever hot and cold
• Excessive teeth grinding at night in his sleep
• Light sensitive
• Suspected migraines
• Fatigue
• Irritable and angry all the time
• Diareah constantly which made his bottom sore

I know the list is huge however according to the doctors these were all due to viral infection.

Life saver! I’m not kidding. If I hadn’t been directed to Cameron my sons health would be in serious cris and I fail to have faith in the doctors whom cannot and will not look outside the square or out of their medical books to diagnose something other than viral infection.
Where we would be today without Cameron I hate to think.
Cameron wasn’t just a homeopath he was caring and compassionate to not only my son but to me and supportive. He not only spent a lot of time talking to me he investigated our environment to further narrow down the problem which not one doctor has spent more that a couple of minutes on pretending to care.

Cameron has followed up days, weeks to months later and not once did I feel like I was left in the dark with no answers. He has even told me that no matter what I can call him and he will be there which he has.

Hats off to you Cameron a truly remarkable healer, that I will recommend to anyone.

February 5, 2024
Kate, VIC

100% recommend Cameron to anyone seeking help in healing body, mind, and soul

I’ve never been to a homeopath before So when I was introduced to Cameron by my friends who had been seeing his mother and then Cameron as well, I thought I’d give it a go, especially since I had nothing to lose. I’ve gone to so many different places to try and get help and I was currently also being treated for deep seated emotional issues by a specialist in trauma release.

Cameron to me was going to be an auxiliary in his treatment to what I was already getting I thought. Within minutes of Cameron’s consult with me he nailed my issues of Liver, spleen, and kidney. He identified and explained to me that my emotional issue of anger was connected to liver and that we needed to calm the liver down. He devised a regime for me and asked me to do some simple things to help me start my journey of healing.

If you were at my first appointment with Cameron, you would hear and see just how desperate I was for answers. Well, he gave them to me, and I have not looked back. In have been able to calm the liver, detox my body of parasites, and enjoy a calm mind and soul. My support from Cameron was continual. Almost every single day he would text me to see how I was travelling. I have never felt more cared for by a health provider before in all my life.

Now that I am better overall, Cameron was happy that I no longer needed to see him which tells me that he genuinely cares for his clients and that this is not about money for him. I would 100% recommend Cameron to anyone seeking help in healing body, mind, and soul.

November 29, 2023
Suzie J

Cameron is like a wizard

Cameron is like a wizard (that’s literally what I call him)! He can figure out what’s wrong with you pretty much straight away, and he can fix you up so quickly that you forget that you were ever sick! He’s always helpful, always great at explaining the process, and isn’t afraid to tell you what’s what. I can’t recommend him enough! I don’t even go to the doctor anymore because I know Cam can fix me up in a much healthier way.

November 20, 2023

When you find a great health professional, stick with them.

I’ve been using Cameron for my homeopath for a while and I’m very happy with my treatment. I’m seeing results I haven’t been able to achieve with other modalities. I’m feeling emotionally better than I have for years. I’m back to my old, happy self again. Cameron is getting me back to the way I felt when I was younger. My health issues are slowly dropping away one by one. When you find a great health professional, stick with them.

November 20, 2023

Cameron you literally have saved my life

I reached out to Cameron when I was experiencing low energy levels accompanied by a lack of motivation to get simple daily tasks completed. Cameron’s knowledge of the human anatomy is extraordinary; he analysed my tongue to diagnose the exact reasons why was feeling like I was. I couldn’t believe that my liver, gallbladder, and kidneys were all under extreme duress. Cameron supplied me with some homeopathy drops, to be taken under my tongue, surprisingly they had no taste which made taking them super easy. It took a very short time for my body to turn around, the improvements were insane. I felt happier, healthier and the most incredible thing for me was I was able to wean off antidepressant medication that I had been taking for the past 23 years!

Cameron demonstrates his passion for helping people heal and become whole, through his level of commitment, his ultimate goal is to go even further when you really need extra support. This guy is incredible! I urge you to try homeopathy with Cameron, the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t do it sooner. Thank you, Cameron you literally have saved my life, and I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Karen A

November 2, 2023
Karen Allison

I would absolutely recommend a consultation with Cameron for anyone with any health concerns

We were recently recommended to Cameron by a friend of ours after our six-year-old son suddenly came down with Bell’s palsy. After being sent home from the hospital with a five-day course of steroids and a “wait and see” type approach from the Drs, we knew there had to be more we could do to help him and that there were surely some internal reasons within his body for this to have happened.

After my first initial phone call with Cameron, it was evident that he was very confident in his work as he assured me he could help our son. He took as much time as needed over the phone to explain things to me and was able to get us in for a consultation in a timely fashion. At our appointment, Cameron was extremely thorough in his consultation with my son and I. I particularly loved the fact that he took the time to really listen and never made me feel rushed as is often the case in other medical fields these days (in my personal opinion).

After prescribing homeopathic drops for my son, we were on our way, with Cameron assuring us that he would just be a phone call or text away any time we needed him. Sure enough, the drops worked within literally a week or two! We were over the moon, of course. Cameron was true to his word and checked in with us every day or two, to begin with and even a couple of times after the issue was resolved. He certainly has a caring nature and is clearly knowledge in his field.

I would absolutely recommend a consultation with Cameron for anyone with any health concerns.

October 31, 2023

Cam has been a lifesaver

Cam has been a lifesaver in assisting with health concerns of my own and many of my family as well. He approaches every case individually and has a natural ability to select remedies. I can’t thank Cam enough for his endless support and guidance. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance mentally or physically.

October 11, 2023

Thanks to Cameron, his care and follow-up care

“I was first referred to Cameron by a family member after I was experiencing extremely high and debilitating heart palpitations. I was placed on beta blockers by one cardiologist and told by another I required surgery to explore and treat suspected SVT. I was told by my cardiologist and doctor that this was a result of the COVID vaccine.

Cameron has been a life saver for myself and my family who also see him from time to time. I can proudly say I am no longer taking any beta blockers, have been cleared by the cardiologist and no longer need to go under any exploratory surgery! Thanks to Cameron, his care and follow-up care. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to go and see him, I feel years younger, am no longer taking any medications and once again able to enjoy life and my young family. I can’t express how grateful we are to have been treated by Cameron.”

October 10, 2023


“Cam was very helpful and supportive when I was at my wits end with staph/eczema with my son and I really appreciate how he helped me to overcome what we’d been struggling with for months! Cam gave us just one remedy and that helped hugely. Thank you Cam as my son fully cleared from staph however only to catch it again from friends but now I feel confident in overcoming it again”

August 9, 2023

Thank you Cameron, from the bottom of my heart!

“Over the past 7 months my family and I have been under the care of Cameron Saker. We didn’t know much about Homeopathy and went through a lot of emotions after our initial meeting. Homeopathy challenged our thinking, broke down our barriers and reset our minds to trust in the process. We first came for my 10 year old’s ADHD and ASD. From the first meeting, Cameron not only conducted himself in a professional manner, he was passionate, honest and educational.

We took comfort knowing that for the first time in a decade we had a health plan in place for our child that was not going to compromise his health in other ways. Cameron was clear about his plan and the outcome for our child. And something that I wasn’t used to, he offered me SUPPORT!

Before Homeopathy our child was on 5 different types of medications. He was angry, violent, very hyperactive and wouldn’t sleep. We were at our wits end and severely sleep deprived; our son was getting worse. Through the education and support of Cameron, he took us on a journey and provided my son with quality of life again! He has improved dramatically. He is calmer and much happier for the first time is able to enjoy the simple pleasures of being a child without becoming overwhelmed, angry and violent.

Our whole family have reaped the benefits from Homeopathy, ranging from emotional support, behavioral and confidence building. Homeopathy is an overall health care system for our family with none of the nasty repercussions of modern medicine. I can’t recommend Homeopathy or Cameron Saker enough.
I am so grateful for Cameron. He has supported me in my journey from chronic illness, debilitating pain & fatigue to being completely symptom free & bursting with vitality & wellness, experiencing the best health I have had in life to date!

Cameron’s professional yet empathetic & insightful manner, combined with all his wisdom, experience & passion for Homeopathy was key to my recovery.
In true Homeopathic style he gently guided, prompted & supported me to listen to & understand my body, face the challenges as and when they presented, then be able to move forward in the right timing.

My body did the ‘work’ to heal itself, but I truly couldn’t have done it without Cameron’s support & the Homeopathic remedies and Mora machine that he provided to me. I have never experienced a practitioner as genuine & caring as Cameron. He has enriched my life & the life of my family. He is so wonderfully warm, supportive & gifted. I have highly recommended Cameron Saker to friends & family and I love hearing of their journeys into wellness as they all see him now and are also reeling the rewards of better health. Homeopathy changed my life!”

January 16, 2023

Cameron Saker- Brilliant life changing.

Cameron has helped me make monumental health improvements over the past 8 weeks. My health, quality of life and pain have improved unbelievable. I am off medication that I have been on for 35 years. Every day my health and mind set continues to improve. Cameron believes in cures and does just that. I am so grateful his mum Barbara, shared her son’s gifts with her patients. I am sending friends and family to Cameron and will continue to do so. Amazing, lovely, gifted homeopath.

July 25, 2022
Shelli Trewartha

Cameron Saker – a gifted knowledge in the use of homeopathy and herbs.

Cameron has demonstrated to be a dedicated and gifted practitioner in supporting me to create positive changes in my physical, mental and emotional well-being. He was persistent with treating my concerns in a caring, sensitive and confidential manner. Cam’s focus with ensuring that I attained my true quality of life was remarkable. I have only praise for the unlimited time and effort he gave to me through his use of homeopathic and herbal remedies, which for me a life changing experience.

July 21, 2022
Karen Hermann

I have much pleasure in recommending Cam Saker as a practitioner of Homeopathy.

I have much pleasure in recommending Cam Saker as a practitioner of Homeopathy.
I know him to be a person of great skill and integrity, and I have found him to be reliable and generous with his time. I know he has had great success in dealing with both psychological and physical problems.

For many years I have used Homeopathy myself with regards to physical problems mainly, but I have recently seen that Cam has had great success with regard to emotional problems with people I have recommended see him.
It is with much pleasure that I recommend him as a skilled professional who is passionate about his work.

July 1, 2022

Thank you Cameron!

I rang Cameron in an emergency last June, which he answered my call and fit me in within the hour! Unfortunately, I was in a medical pickle – when I saw Cameron he asked a few questions and knew exactly what was going on in my body which was a big relief for me. Over the first few months we kept in touch so he could monitor my progress. I had a few health and emotional issues too deal with so we did a few different types of drops as I was a bit complexed. Cameron made me feel secure and confident and I knew he cared. He is also very passionate about finding a solution and what works to heal you. We continued communication as my anxiety was so high. I no longer have anxiety and am very well. Thank you Cameron!

June 28, 2022


Very friendly service. I felt safe and comfortable.

The results from the session were instant. All my anxiety vanished and I’m feeling a lot healthier.

I would highly recommend Cameron as he is gifted and clever in his work.

June 24, 2022

Tim Searl

After developing a severe rash over my entire body, i visited my doctor to try and gain relief from constant scratching, irritated skin, sleepless nights and all encompassing physical and mental torture i was enduring.

Sadly after many ointments, creams a, antihistamines and steroids, i was still in constant pain and misery.

Thankfully, Cameron was recommended to me by a family friend. He immediately was able to offer relief with his amazing knowledge of what was going on within my body. his remedies proved a godsend to me and after 3 months i feel i nearly have my life back.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cameron to anyone wishing to heal. His knowledge, caring attitude and understanding of the human body is a true miracle.

December 9, 2021


Cameron is very professional in his manner and extremely good at what he can achieve.  I went to Cameron for mouth ulcers as I’d been suffering these for up 10yrs, I’d tried numerous treatments with no success.

Within the first 2-3 weeks I’d noticed a lot of my ulcers had disappeared and I was able to eat and drink the things I haven’t been able to for so long.

Cameron also pointed out my diet also needed to change.

I’m still being treated for a few mouth ulcers but compared to what I had started with there is much improvement.

I’d highly recommend Cameron to anyone.

August 30, 2021
Shelley, Gold Coast


I was introduced to Cameron 6 weeks ago by his mum Barbara Saker, someone I truly respect and trust.
Cameron was asked to help with some very serious health issues that my fur puppy has been going through-something the vets could provide no solution for and really meant an uncomfortable and short life for him and great anxiety for his human family. Cameron has spent many hours in consultation with me to get the right medication according to his overall symptoms which now included a lot of fear. I am so grateful as at this time my little man is on none of the prescribed vet drugs because his symptoms have gone from needing the prescribed 4 doses of cortisone per day to just the homeopathic medication from Cameron. Cameron is still working on my little man to help him heal.
While speaking with Cameron I asked him if he could help me with some chronic anxiety problems I was trying to deal with. I didn’t understand where they were coming from but Cameron helped me understand that not dealing with many of our normal day to day issues can really harm the body. Again Cameron spent many hours in consultation with me prescribing the right homeopathic medication that gave me some fast relief. Again Cameron is still working to help heal my mind and body. Cameron has shown real concern, constantly keeping in touch to make sure the homeopathic medication is doing what he expects it to do. He has done this with both myself and my fur babies. In the short time I’ve been under Cameron’s care I can say he has shown us nothing but care and respect, he gives so much of his time to get results no matter what the challenge and the constant communication is really comforting .

April 8, 2021
Carol, Gold Coast

Barbara is amazing

Barbara has been looking after my family for years. Barbara has cured health issues that others were not able to. She picks up on underlying causes that others miss or don’t even think of. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

September 15, 2020
J Moir

How to feel 10 years younger and more !

In my early years and up to my early 60s, I had always been fortunate enough to have good health, and I was very active. When I entered my middle 60`s things changed. I suffered from chronic pain, and a constant feeling of tiredness. I had pains in joints, sinus and breathing problems, and much more. Suddenly I was unable to carry out or complete many routine tasks which previously had been no problem. I just felt ill all the time. I convinced myself that this was how you must feel when you were in your 60`s. It was an ageing problem that I couldn’t do anything about. ( I had never been this age before!)
After getting severe dermatitis all over my body which turned into a golden staph infection from wrong treatment and misdiagnosis from someone else, I felt terrible and very ill.
This was when I was put in touch with Barbara.
Instantly my life began to change for the better. Barbara informed me that I had quite a few problems. She dealt with the Staph infection first, and for the first time in months from her treatment I was not itching, scratching and could sleep better.
I was unaware of the tropical diseases on the Gold Coast, and found that I had the Ross River Virus as well as the Barmah Virus. After Barbara’s treatment I could now walk around normally, and pain free. Previously I was unable to walk without limping, and cried many nights from the pain in my joints unaware of what I had.
I also suffered intermittently over several years with severe pain in my stomach, which made me pass out. Despite numerous doctors visits, and hospital visits no-one could give me an answer and so it continued. Barbara diagnosed me with Gall stones, and she was the only one to describe the symptoms that I had. I immediately knew that this was the problem, and after her treatment I have had no pain or symptoms.
As I said earlier I had lots of problems too numerous to mention. The above are just a few. However, Barbara has treated me over many months, and I am now free of everything she has treated me for. I just have a few more treatments to complete.
What I wish to say is that because of Barbara I now feel like I did 30 years ago. I just look 10 years younger from better health. My friends have remarked how well I look. It’s remarkable the improvement that has happened to my body.
Perhaps many of you may feel like I did and you too believe it’s just the body process. IT’S NOT. Like me it may be something you are not aware you have, but Barbara will find it and treat it correctly.
Barbara doesn’t provide miracles. However, what she does is by using her vast knowledge and skills she is able to diagnose accurately what the problem is and provide the correct treatment for your body with no side effects, just a feeling of wellness.
I cannot recommend her enough. To me I feel that she HAS performed a miracle, as I have got my life back, and I am now able enjoy my life again. For that I can never thank her enough.
I also cannot thank enough the person who recommended her to me. So I want to pay it forward to you. If you are feeling ill or just not the same person you were, I would like you to have the same opportunity that I had and recommend you contact Barbara. She will help you. She is a very kind, caring, and excellent practitioner. I hope you will soon be like me and enjoying life again.

August 28, 2019
Gail Guy


I started seeing Barbara Saker in 2003. I was exhausted and had gained about 10 kg within in a very short time but without a change to my diet or exercise routines. Despite doing 8km walks morning and night for 2 months and monitoring my food I did not lose even 1 kg. I had obviously become unwell over a period of time, so it wasn’t a fast, easy fix. But Barbara was incredibly knowledgeable and persistent as we worked through my issues which included thyroid and hormones.

Barbara is my ‘Go To Practitioner’!  When I returned from Africa and had been very ill and lost 6kg in 3 days with an awful gastro bug I went immediately to see Barbara. She quickly identified the obscure parasite and I began treatment immediately.

Over the last 16 years Barbara has treated a variety of my ailments. She is the most knowledgeable Naturopath I have attended. I have complete faith in her ability to address and resolve any health issues I may have.

I have been so pleased with my improved health outcomes I have referred more 20 people during this time. They too have had significantly improved health as a result of seeing Barbara.

It is much more convenient now to send a hair sample to the clinic than travel from Brisbane for an appointment. The supplies are then express posted to me and the care and service is wonderful. Barbara will continue to be my first choice health practitioner!

July 4, 2019
Angela, Brisbane

Catherine, Noosaville, QLD

So very grateful for all of Barbara’s help and guidance over the years, which has helped me improve my lifestyle.  I highly recommend Barbara.

Barbara relayed information that was extremely accurate.  Almost 10 years from my very first appointment with Barbara, I was so impressed all of my health conditions were still on record.

June 19, 2019

Toni, Gold Coast

After dropping off my hair sample for analysis to the office at 1:15 pm (I was in the area) I got an email at 4:30 pm the same day with my hair analysis results and recommendations of medications from Barbara. WOW!!!!!! I am very impressed – speedy and accurate. Loved that. (I have tried other hair analysis mobs in the past and the results could take weeks.) So I was very excited to get such quick response from Barbara – I could start to hit the medical problems quicker – very happy about that!!! I finally had an answer as to why I had been tired for months – Ross River Fever. Thank you Barbara for your expertise and willingness to help. Bless you!

November 28, 2018
Toni, Gold Coast


Lyn Kajeweski Review

Barbara Saker is my absolute life saver. Having been a loyal client for 25yrs she has treated all my family and my horses and when given no option but to put him down Barbara came through literally saving my horses life twice and mine from a deadly virus. I cannot recommend her more highly for doctors have failed where she has not.

November 21, 2018

Ben Stewart

Congratulations, someone is looking after you. They have lead you to a remarkable healer. Finding Barbara is like finding a needle in a haystack. After 20 years of being her patient, I can’t honestly recommend her highly enough. Good luck on your health journey. May you be blessed with good health and happiness.

November 21, 2018
Ben Stewart


I have found Barbara Saker to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable & very accurate. I was introduced to her by a friend and have used her services many times and will continue to do so in the future. She has proven to be sound with her diagnoses and has helped me improve my health Rosa, – Cleveland

June 1, 2018


Dear Barbara, So happy with my hair analysis, you are so correct with what you reported back to me. The medical community can only prescribe meds with terrible side effect which only mask rheumatoid arthritis not getting to the cause. I have begun my healing journey with you, the dreadful pain in my left forearm is easing, I have lost three kilo since your prescribed medication. many thanks Barbra. My health can only get better from here. Thank You. Claudette , – Keppel Sands

February 29, 2016

Rosey Angel

Hi may name is Rosanne Angel. Last September 08, I was diagnosed by my doctor with CMT. I was shattered with the forecast. I would only get worse with age and the only relief was pain management and a wheelchair. In March this year I sought out Barbara Saker for help. She diagnosed me with Fibro myalgia. With her natural therapies and support I am now 6 months later in no pain or discomfort in my feet. I would like to THANK Barbara & her staff for my recovery back to normal health. Rosey Angel, Yeppoon. Qld Roseanne Angel, – Yeppoon, QLD

May 4, 2015
Rosey Angel


For two years I had stabbing pain every night. After seeing a Biliary Specialist, Urologist, Gastro Specialist, 2 colonoscopies, 3 endoscopies, taking 3 months off from work, 3 ultra sounds, the gall bladder HIDA test, dietician, my doctors told me it must be Crohn’s or IBS, or bowel disease. After seeing Barbara, straight away she picked up on my symptoms and said I was riddled with gallstones. I took the breakup capsules for a month. A week before I was due to do my flush, I started passing soft and hard stones in my stools. Finally I did my flush on a Wednesday night. I reacted badly and vomited the entire oil concoction. I was so upset and thought “it hasn’t worked”. However, on Sunday morning, a few days later, I had a funny feeling in my tummy. I went to the toilet and passed a solid stool. Then suddenly just liquid and stones passed. It was like I was peeing for a good minute, but stones were everywhere. Two days later on a Tuesday night the same thing happened again. Even after already passing hundreds of stones that weekend, I had hundreds more that night, many were the size of teeth. Most were easy to squash but some were still semi hard, but I had no pain passing them. Despite me not completing the flush instructions by vomiting, the softeners mixed with drinking lots of organic natural apple juice, has meant my body was able to remove these stones naturally. No need to have my gallbladder removed. Why anyone would want that baffles me anyway! We need everything in our bodies! Best of all, I haven’t had an attack at night since. I can eat fats again, I do need to strengthen my liver now, but to have my quality of life back has been the biggest thing! After two years of serious pain, it’s over. Seeing Barbara was like seeing a health psychic. She didn’t even ask for my symptoms. She knew by using her Vega machine to test me. She was even able to tell me the age I had health issues throughout my life. She was spot on with everything! I had lost faith in the medical profession. But Barbara has done what a Biliary Specialist should have been able to do. All he wanted to do originally was remove my gall bladder. Then the tests came back clear and he told me he could no longer help me. It was my gall bladder though. Thanks to Barbara I have more energy now. I’ve learnt that the liver is one of our most important organs. Gallstones are formed by the liver. That’s how one can pass thousands of stones as they hide in you. Thanks Barbara for being the only person after two years to get it right and fix my pain. Jess Jess, – Wellington Point, QLD

April 2, 2015


I just want to let you know how good your treatment is. On the 12th I woke with bad pains, went to the toilet, everything was rushing out of my bowels. When I wiped myself and stood up, I could feel there was still something out of me. When I wiped again there was a dead worm. I was so sore, my ribs and body from heaving it up for hours. From then until now I am feeling so much better. I can feel my body losing all the fluid I had built up and lost the lump in my stomach. I can now bend over and touch the floor. I could not do that before. Thank you so much! Joy, – Bargara, QLD

August 20, 2014


In 1993 after working a lot as a teacher I got very sick and had bloating, rash on my face, exhaustion, poor appetite, nervousness. I went to see Barbara Saker in Burwood Melbourne. She used the Vega machine and told me I had gland problems and provided me with passiflora which is a bach flower remedy from the passionfruit plant. I took that and she recommended I got see a GP about my glands in case I had glandular fever. I liked the way she worked in a complementary way with GPs for a holistic approach. I had a blood test and I did have glandular fever but months before. It was present in my blood. I realised I had worked teaching right through that illness and that must have been why I lost so much weight and was so over tired. I was exhausted. I started eating better, took the passiflora, took vitamins, rested far more, worked part-time, and I did a liver cleansing program for 3 months. Seeing Barbara gave me confidence to make my own health a major focus for a few years. I read about health and I could see my tiredness was a systemic problem from over work and diet and using toxic paints at work. I am writing to thank Barbara for her help at that time, being so accurate in her diagnosis and providing the natural medicine, advice and encouragement. In my case it was nervous, my history and emotions related and I needed to focus more on my own health and well being. She helped me get on track. I am studying psychology now and wish to become a children’s counsellor because I am a primary and secondary teacher. I also work in kindergarten while studying. So I am also interested in health. I just finished a diploma of welfare working in school welfare. I have an art degree and theology certificate. I see all of these different fields as aids to well being. I never got time to write to her before because I knew she moved and I was raising my daughter who is now 17. When I went to Barbara I was in my 30’s. It is 20 years ago. I was so amazed at her accurate diagnosis at the time. Thanks so much. Liz, – Melbourne, Vic

September 19, 2013

Catherine King

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection. In 2011, I developed a urinary tract infection which caused me severe discomfort. I went straight to the doctor who prescribed a course of antibiotics. After a few days the antibiotics started to work and I began to feel normal again. Three weeks later I developed another UTI which was treated with another round of antibiotics. The UTI’s then developed every three to four weeks over the course of a four month period. My health was affecting my relationship with my husband and made it very difficult to work full time. I was beside myself as every time the infection occurred the doctor would simply prescribe another round of antibiotics without looking into the cause of the problem. I then sought treatment from Barbara Saker. Straight away she found that the cause of the reoccurring UTI’s was fungus which had spread all over my body. She believed it had been originally caused by the pill and the antibiotics my doctor had prescribed over the last five months. As soon as I stopped the antibiotics, started her treatment and changed my diet the UTI’s cleared up straight away and two years on I have not had a UTI since. I highly recommend any woman who is suffering from persistent UTI’s to seek Barbara’s help. She is able to determine and treat the underlying cause of your problems instead of simply treating your symptoms. Catherine King, – Gold Coast, QLD

September 4, 2013
Catherine King

Brooke White

After getting married in April 2009 my husband and I decided that we would try for our first child. After a year of having no luck I went to my doctor to get a check-up. I knew that my irregular or lack of a menstrual cycle may have something to do with my issues with conceiving. My doctor sent me for ultrasounds and I was told that I had polycystic ovaries and that was the reason why I was finding it hard to conceive. She then referred me to a gynaecologist. The gynaecologists ran some basic tests and asked me to go for a procedure that was going to cost me in excess of $3,000 just to confirm the ultrasound results which were clear that I definitely had polycystic ovaries (even I knew what the doctor was going to tell me after seeing the ultrasound as the cysts were that prominent). My husband and I decided that was a lot of money just to confirm and we weren’t happy with the help they were giving to try and help us. They appeared more interested in everything else other that a solution so we decided to look at other avenues; that’s when I heard about Barbara. I went online and looked at the services Barbara offered. I emailed her straight away about doing a hair analysis. Barbara was very quick to reply and within days I had sent my hair sample and Barbara had rang me to talk through the results which she had sent me in the mail. I was amazed at the information Barbara could tell me from my hair. Within another day or two my medication had arrived in the mail and I began taking it instantly. I also had to make some changes to my diet due to my body being intolerant to certain foods. I was surprised how quickly I could notice everything working. After one month of being on the medication and diet I had my first real menstrual period in over a year, I was delighted. My husband and I then decided to make sure we tried where we thought I may have been most fertile. I then had to take a trip to Victoria and whilst I was there I continued to take my medication and follow my diet. I was due to get another period whilst I was away however was a little disappointed when I didn’t. I arrived home a week after I was due to get my period and I still had no signs of getting it. I asked my husband if I should do a test to see and we were both pretty hesitant but decided to do one the next morning anyway. I was prepared for the heartache I had received many times before however this time, there on the stick was the answers I had been waiting to see; I was so full of emotion. I was still unsure as the lines were so faint and I couldn’t believe that everything may be falling into place. I showed my husband and we agreed to do another one the next day just to be sure. The next morning I woke up and ran straight for the bathroom and again there those precious lines were but a little darker this time. We were so Happy!! I booked in to the doctors to confirm and sent Barbara an email to thank her for all her help; without her I would have my little boy. My pregnancy ran smoothly and I continued to keep in contact with Barbara. When we decided to try for our second child last year I contacted Barbara again for her help and within four months found out that we were expecting. I am now less than four weeks away from having my second Son thanks to Barbara and her wonderful team. I have recommended Barbara to many of my work colleagues for many different medical reasons and encourage all of them to get the hair analysis done as I truly am amazed at the information that Barbara can tell you from a few strands of hair. Brooke White Brooke White, – Townsville, QLD

November 6, 2012
Brooke White

June Meyer

Treatment for Fungal Infection In 1998 after three stays in Hospital (Queensland Health) and being treated with high grade anti-biotics to no avail, I was finally diagnosed with a very rare “Eosonophilic pneumonia”. I had a fungal infection in my lungs and was given “Prednisone” for 14 months, with terrible side effects in an attempt to clear it. Barbara Saker is now treating this and for the first time in many months I am really starting to feel well again. In June 2006, I had “Endoscopic sinus surgery” to remove fungus from my facial sinuses. Then in May 2010, I had “Revision Endoscopic frontal sinus surgery” to both sides. This also required the necessity to drill my forehead and insert two metal drains for flushing. These drains were left in for twice daily flushing, by myself, of the sinuses and then removed a week later. No medication for follow up was given on either occasion. I was told that it could come back again at any time. I continued to feel unwell even after surgery and in 2011 was told that the fungus had returned and would need surgery again to remove it. From late 2010 to early 2011 continual trips to doctors, specialists and visits to Hospital, no one could give me a diagnosis or treatment for my being unwell. I then sought treatment from Barbara Saker, a Naturopath, who diagnosed a number of things for which I am now being treated. The first of these was to overcome a problem caused by all the medications given to me over the past 12 years. This is now clear. The second was Gallstones which are almost all gone now. The major thing though was the fungus infection had come back in my sinuses and lungs as well as my stomach. Barbara Saker is now treating this and for the first time in many months I am really starting to feel well again. June Meyer, – Brisbane, QLD

May 4, 2011
June Meyer

Matthew Taudevin

Early this year I contracted glandular fever. I was sweating all the time and I was feeling very low. I went and saw my local GP and all they told me was that I “had” glandular fever and that I may need to go on anti depresents to improve my mood. That did not sit well with me. I never wanted to go on anti depresents and I know deep down that I did not need to. Why I did not contact Barbara Saker earlier is a mystery. I did not have to “Physically” go and see her. All I had to do was send down a hair sample! After I did this I recieved a call from Barbara saying that she had tested the hair and that I was very sick with a multitude of problems. Barbara Express posted me the medicine to get me on track. As soon as I started taking Barbara’s perscribed medicine I began to feel better. My sweating has stopped and I have energy to burn. This is what makes Barbara so special. She did not just fix the immediate problem, She worked back and found out why it started, and what organ’s it affected. She also found Pin worm in my intestine as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I highly recommend Barbara to everyone. She has helped me so much and for that I am grateful. Regards Matthew Taudevin Matthew Taudevin, – Brighton QLD

September 30, 2009
Matthew Taudevin

Sandra Smith

In 2007 I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. The medical response was to take various medications for the pain and to help me sleep – bacially live with it. As I was not happy with the suggested medical treatments, my daughter suggested I try a Naturopath and recommended Barbara Saker at Mermaid Beach. My first visit to Barbara was in October, 2007. Barbara did not refute the medical findings BUT indicated that there must be a reason why I had developed firbromyalgia. Barbara asked me to obtain copies of all recent blood tests conducted by my G.P. and Specialist. Within 12 hours of receiving the copies Barbara rang me to advise that the blood tests had confirmed that over a period of several years I had contact with the following viruses:- Barmah Forest, Ross River, Epstein Barr Virus and Cyto Megelo Virus No wonder I was feeling the way I was. I started treatments with Barbara about March 2008. Initialy she dealt with each individual virus separately as well as suggesting a gall bladder flush. After a number of visits and treatment for each virus over a period of some 8 months I had my final visit with Barbara on the 2nd October, 2008. I am now feeling 100% better with minimal joint pain and/or fatigue and am also sleeping much better. I have returned to the gym and yoga classes. I cannot thank Barbara Saker enough. Sandra Smith Thornlands. Qld Sandra Smith, – Thornlands, QLD

October 15, 2008
Sandra Smith

Emma Scown

I feel compelled to share my healthiness and gratitude. I don’t usually take the time to write a thank you letter, or share my story with strangers, but I would like everyone to know just how brilliant Barbara is. Nine years ago my doctor prescribed the contraceptive Depo-Provera. I started receiving the Depo-Provera injections every 12 weeks and therefore would see my doctor every 12 weeks. My doctor would spend about 5 minutes with me administering the injection before I was herded out the door. As far as I was concerned I was healthy and the contraceptive was doing its job. However, earlier this year I began experiencing severe pain on my left side. I went back to my doctor who ordered numerous test and x-rays but according to my doctor “nothing was wrong with me.” The pain increased and was excruciating with each breathe, but apparently nothing was wrong with me! I began feeling depressed and disillusioned and couldn’t comprehend why my doctor could not find the cause of my pain. It was an extremely frustrating and painful period of my life. Finally a friend referred me to Barbara. Immediately Barbara connected my pain to Depo-Provera. Nine years of these injections had damaged my spleen and it was on the verge of rupturing! I am lucky to still have my spleen and I am lucky to have survived this ordeal as I have furthered discovered that Depo-Provera has been linked with breast and cervical cancer. Barbara constantly displays her expertise and I have come to think of her as my ‘clairvoyant healer!’ She can recognise health issues in my body before I experience them. She pleasantly surprises with her 100% accuracy and her natural remedies that cure my problems almost instantly. I want to thank Barbara from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to my appointments and relish in her wisdom and expertise. Barbara has not only remedied my health, she has made me feel better than I have ever been – I feel 150% healthier than before! I thank Barbara for giving me back my life, my energy and restoring my positive attitude. I cannot express enough gratitude and thoroughly recommend Barbara to all. Emma Scown Emma Scown, – Brisbane, QLD

September 4, 2007
Emma Scown

Adam May

I had a troubled sleep one night as result of slight back pain, which made it difficult to get comfortable. When I woke up in the morning to get ready for work the pain persisted and made it difficult to get out of bed. It felt like I had the type of pain I would get after sitting down on the wrong angle, so I came to the conclusion that I had just been sleeping in a bad position during the night. As I got ready for work the back pain grew worse and a throbbing headache set in so I took some pain killers which eased the pain. By the time I reached work the headache and back pain had both set in again, so I took more pain killers which eased the back pain but failed to take away my throbbing headache which was only growing worse. After being at work little more than an hour I had to leave and was barley able to drive back to my apartment. The back pain had set in again and pain killers were failing to work and by now I wasn’t able to stand up straight. The only way I could relieve the pain was by lying down and staying completely still. I had a massage therapist come round and work on me for an hour. After doing everything he could for me, both the headache and back pain had eased, straight after he left though it all came back and was only getting worse. Later that day I had my Mum drive me to a chiropractor as I was unable to drive let alone walk thru the door. It was the same with the chiropractor, the pain eased but came straight back. By 9pm I was crippled over with pain and was unable to stay still in my bed. So I had my mum drive me to the hospital. The pain was absolutely unbearable by the time I was sitting in the waiting room and at one point it had me in tears. I was given prescribed pain killers and was on oxygen the entire night. The x-ray showed nothing and I was sent home at 5:30am the next morning with no solution. I threw up in the car park. I was bed bound for the next three days, unable to do anything. The first day I couldn’t go an hour without throwing up, when there was nothing left to throw up I was dry gagging until I later threw up a cup load of dark green bile, that some how relieved me of the back pain for a while. My mum was staying at my apartment with me right through the week as I was unable to do anything. I was only just able to get from my bed to the toilet and back, the headache made even that extremely painful. Mum later took me to Barbara Saker (Naturopath) who was quick to diagnose it as a Gall Bladder attack. I had a severe case of Gall Stones. My Gall Bladder was so full of stones and acidy bile, that it was seeping out and burning at my weak tissue in my back causing the back pain. The Naturopath put me on a strict fat free diet and on medication to help my headache and to break down the stones filling my Gall Bladder. I was back on my feet within the week and was eventually able to go back to work, which started off as about half a day at a time or less, but I needed the money. After dieting and being on the medication for close to two months I was then able to safely do a Gall Bladder cleanse which took 24 hours to complete. I wasn’t even half way through the cleanse when I began passing Gall stones – they kept coming, hundreds of them. I could feel them moving though my body before I was able to pass them. By the end of it I had passed hundreds maybe close to a thousand stones, which ranged from the size of a small pea to almost the size of a walnut. When I got back to work on the Monday I felt fantastic and full of energy. No one should have to go through the agony having Gall Stones. Adam May 17 years old Adam May, – Gold Coast, QLD

June 6, 2006
Adam May

Lauren Sutton

Hi Barbara I visited you about three years ago now and I never got the opportunity to say thank you. I was only 19 years old and living very uncomfortably when I met Barbara. For about six months on end I had suffered chronic bladder infections. Upon meeting with over 6 doctors and receiving antibiotics each time, I was only relieved for about two weeks before the bladder infections would begin again. Not only could they not cure me, but they couldn’t even let me know what was causing them. Their excuses usually resulted in the same theory; that I must be getting them from being promiscuous (which I was not). By the sixth month the final doctor suggested I do a dye test (where they inject dye into your veins) to see what was wrong. I didn’t like this idea at all and decided to visit a naturopath for the first time that a work colleague of my mothers had suggested. The second I saw the Vega Mora machine I thought “you have got to be kidding – why am I even bothering with this hippy junk – no way will this work” Keep in mind I never told Barbara my symptoms – I simply sat down and we went to work. As soon as Barbara performed her job she told me that I had a bacteria growing on my bladder and intestines which are causing bladder infections and this was all easily fixed with some drops and a change of diet. How did she know all this without me saying anything to her? The cause had in fact not been my social life (which I already knew) but in fact medication for Meningococcal disease which I had taken earlier. This along with antibiotics and my diet had been feeding the bacteria. The relief was amazing – I actually sat there in front of Barbara, thanked her and cried – I had been living in pain and discomfort for so long – I had truly forgotten what it was like to feel well again. One month later I came back – it had completely cleared up and by following Barbara’s diet now three years later it is still gone. Admittedly I was at first daunted by the cost of Barbara’s sessions – however if you calculate all the doctors fees over the last six months and medication – I should have just seen Barbara in the first place and saved myself a ton of time, money and pain. Thank you Barbara I never got to say this all to you – but I owe my way of life to you – Thank you. Lauren Sutton Lauren Sutton, – Gold Coast, QLD

May 1, 2006
Lauren Sutton

Raymond Willans

After thirty years of seeing Doctors and Psychologists, I , in despair went to a priest who then sent me to a Sister of Mercy for counselling. She took me to Barbara Saker who tested me on a machine and told me that I had worms. Barbara told me the worms had been my problem. I remember looking at her and thinking a number of things including the following edited thoughts: Big Deal! Who Cares! I did not really care one-way or the other. Such was my state of mind. Despair and hopelessness ruled my universe. But then I thought, if they are the problem, lets get rid of them! Initially we used homoeopathics and colloidal silver. Frankly not much seemed to happen and I wondered now and again whether I had worms at all. Such had been my experiences of health care that I was dubious about everything. Then in the same week, I passed an eleven-inch worm and then and eight inch worm. This was nothing compared to the 22 inch worm that came out on the Saturday morning of that week. There was no ambiguity about what it was. Nor was there any ambiguity about the sense of well being that I felt later on. Seeing believing! These monsters occupied a lot of space in my body. They had probably been there for decades. And I realised they were only the tip of the iceberg. There has been an increase in energy since I started treatment and what is more important, a sense of hope that I can have a life. The detoxification process is quite an experience. But the emergent sense of hope and well-being that is increasing daily is beyond words! Kind Regards, Raymond Willans Raymond Willans, – Brisbane, QLD

July 1, 2005
Raymond Willans

Pauline James

Dear Barbara, I would like to let you know how amazed I was with the 24 hour Gallbladder flush that you recommended for me. At first I was a little hesitant, as I did not know what to expect after I had followed the regime set out in your booklet. I could not believe you could actually see the gallstones that were past. They ranged in various sizes, the average size was about the size of a pea, ranging up to the size of a marble, and the amount of gallstones that actually appeared over a time frame of about 36 hours was surprising. I am so glad that I took your advise and cannot believe that this was such a simple way of getting rid of these without any invasive surgery. Once again, Barbara thank you so much for your caring and understanding and most of all the help you have given to me and my family and friends. Kind regards Pauline James Pauline James, – Gold Coast, QLD

April 11, 2005
Pauline James

Michelle Brasell

For approximately 14 years, I had been seeing a chiropractor for many different complaints, the most common being severe headaches lasting days, neck pain, twisted hips and an unstable lower back. I used to visit him up to three times a week. I had been feeling unwell for many years, no energy, headaches, lower back pain, sore kidneys and severe panic attacks. These panic attacks had been experienced since my childhood. After many tests from medical specialists and GP’s, I was told that I had glandular fever, diabetes type II and that I had suffered a breakdown. I had been studying, working full time as a preschool teacher, looking after a husband with a spinal injury and four children of my own. Finally in December 2003 I left work and went on a holiday for a month. When I came back I was chatting to on e of the office staff at work whose husband had been Barbara Saker (naturopath) and I thought I might see her too after the positive report from my co-workers husband. I met Barbara and was tested on the Vega Mora Machine. She was able to tell me that various organs in my body were quite sick, and unhealthy. Barbara picked up I had viruses, glandular fever, high stress levels and parasites. I was quite upset that no one else had picked up all the problems inside my body was suffering over the years.I went back fortnightly to Barbara and was given a change in diet, drops for the parasites, and the silver making machine that releases positive charges of silver into water. I drank up to 2-3 litres of silver water a day, and I noticed within 5 days that my body functions were starting to change, my headaches were going, I was urinating more frequently. This was the change my body needed. My next fortnightly visit saw my toxicity levels down from 11 to 7 in two weeks; I was so excited with the results. My headaches were gone, my lower back was great, and I had no dizziness and more energy.I went to my chiropractor and had him check me over, he was amazed that not one part of my body was under stress and no manipulations were needed. After nearly 14 years I have nothing wrong with me. He was speechless. I have continued with Barbara Saker Naturopath and my kidneys are nearly clear, my diabetes almost gone, no headache, no back pain, my skin has cleared up and I have lots more energy. All this after four weeks!!What a difference in my health, I am continually getting better every day!! Best of luck and health to all on your path to a healthy life. Kind Regards, Michelle Brasell Michelle Brasell, – Gold Coast, QLD

March 8, 2005
Michelle Brasell

Belinda Little

Dear Barbara, I am just writing to thank you for the treatment you gave my two horses, “Snowy” and “Tiger”. Snowy got much better relief from the homeopathy for his stomach ulcers, he is now eating well and putting on weight. Tiger was diagnosed correctly with your hair analysis and the herbs and homeopathy is working well because he has just successfully started back racing. Kind regards, Belinda Little, – Gold Coast, QLD

December 16, 2004
Belinda Little


We flock to her with our aches and pains,
clogged up bowels, sudden weight gains,
migraines, hernias, even gammy knees,
She looks up and says, “Watches off please”.

Energy’s gone, vision’s all blurred,
She carries on checking, has she really heard?
This pain in my side, can you make it go?
Bloody doctor says I’m fine, what’d he know?

Her days are filled with an endless stream
of miseries, woes, some days it must seem
like the whole damn world has chronic fatigue,
candida, angina, and bones that creak.

She peers at you with knowing eyes,
You’re hooked – your time of glory flies,
The Vega beeps, then moans and groans,
How does it sense this pain in my bones?

She’s not impossibly thin and fit
like so many I’ve been to, Barb has grit!
She’s lived, like you, and felt the fear
Gone past it and grown and built a career.

She gives us hope for a new beginning,
To wipe the slate and come out winning.
To cleanse our bodies and souls of the crap
that weighs us down in a well-laid trap.

We who are strengthened by her care
bless our Barb for just being there
when the going gets tough and our bodies cry,
when its all too hard to even try.

We who love her, who’ve come to depend
on her skills and kindness, willingly send
our gratitude, love and best wishes too.
Barb, we send these things to you.

January 2, 1995
Linda, Gold Coast