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Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is a method of examining the patient’s weakness and determining whether or not the patient is lacking in vitamins, minerals or amino acids.

More importantly it is a way of getting a composite picture of how the patient’s condition started to weaken, if there is an inherited factor causing the problem or an undiagnosed virus or bacteria.

A patient may have been for a holiday and after the trip suddenly has a gas, wind or bloat problem but does not connect it with the water they drank or the lake in which they swam. Parasites can cause this type of discomfort, but because it is an uncomfortable subject many people choose not to seek help and can live years with bad digestive problems.

It is one thing to have chronic fatigue and such debilitating diseases, but the question that must be asked is “what caused it?”. You can know you are tired all the time for that is what chronic fatigue means, but hair analysis may be able to give you some answers.

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