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Do you or someone close to you suffer from Anxiety?

Watch the video to discover some simple strategies to help you manage your anxiety by Barbara Saker, Naturopath Australia


If you or someone close to you suffer from anxiety attacks, you are not alone!

There are thousands of people in our country suffering from anxiety attacks on a daily basis and unfortunately the number is increasing.
It appears to be affecting people aged between 15 to 40 years of age.



My name is Barbara Saker, I’m a Naturopath. I have run clinics in The Mater Hospital and Mermaid Beach for over 30 years. If you experience the symptoms of anxiety attacks you may recognise some or all of these symptoms

  • your heart races,
  • your hands shake,
  • your breath can become laboured.
  • You feel nauseous and faint,

When you experience any of these or other symptoms of anxiety, try to remember this little tip:

  1. Take a deep breath,
  2. hold it as long as it’s comfortable then
  3. slowly release your breath.


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