“Over the past 7 months my family and I have been under the care of Cameron Saker. We didn’t know much about Homeopathy and went through a lot of emotions after our initial meeting.
Homeopathy challenged our thinking, broke down our barriers and reset our minds to trust in the process.
We first came for my 10 year old’s ADHD and ASD. From the first meeting, Cameron not only conducted himself in a professional manner, he was passionate, honest and educational.
We took comfort knowing that for the first time in a decade we had a health plan in place for our child that was not going to compromise his health in other ways. Cameron was clear about his plan and the outcome for our child. And something that I wasn’t used to, he offered me SUPPORT!
Before Homeopathy our child was on 5 different types of medications. He was angry, violent, very hyperactive and wouldn’t sleep.
We were at our wits end and severely sleep deprived; our son was getting worse.
Through the education and support of Cameron, he took us on a journey and provided my son with quality of life again! He has improved dramatically. He is calmer and much happier for the first time is able to enjoy the simple pleasures of being a child without becoming overwhelmed, angry and violent.
Our whole family have reaped the benefits from Homeopathy, ranging from emotional support, behavioral and confidence building. Homeopathy is an overall health care system for our family with none of the nasty repercussions of modern medicine. I can’t recommend Homeopathy or Cameron Saker enough.
I am so grateful for Cameron. He has supported me in my journey from chronic illness, debilitating pain & fatigue to being completely symptom free & bursting with vitality & wellness, experiencing the best health I have had in life to date!
Cameron’s professional yet empathetic & insightful manner, combined with all his wisdom, experience & passion for Homeopathy was key to my recovery.
In true Homeopathic style he gently guided, prompted & supported me to listen to & understand my body, face the challenges as and when they presented, then be able to move forward in the right timing.
My body did the ‘work’ to heal itself, but I truly couldn’t have done it without Cameron’s support & the Homeopathic remedies and Mora machine that he provided to me.
I have never experienced a practitioner as genuine & caring as Cameron.
He has enriched my life & the life of my family. He is so wonderfully warm, supportive & gifted.
I have highly recommended Cameron Saker to friends & family and I love hearing of their journeys into wellness as they all see him now and are also reeling the rewards of better health.
Homeopathy changed my life!”