In 2007 I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. The medical response was to take various medications for the pain and to help me sleep – bacially live with it. As I was not happy with the suggested medical treatments, my daughter suggested I try a Naturopath and recommended Barbara Saker at Mermaid Beach. My first visit to Barbara was in October, 2007. Barbara did not refute the medical findings BUT indicated that there must be a reason why I had developed firbromyalgia. Barbara asked me to obtain copies of all recent blood tests conducted by my G.P. and Specialist. Within 12 hours of receiving the copies Barbara rang me to advise that the blood tests had confirmed that over a period of several years I had contact with the following viruses:- Barmah Forest, Ross River, Epstein Barr Virus and Cyto Megelo Virus No wonder I was feeling the way I was. I started treatments with Barbara about March 2008. Initialy she dealt with each individual virus separately as well as suggesting a gall bladder flush. After a number of visits and treatment for each virus over a period of some 8 months I had my final visit with Barbara on the 2nd October, 2008. I am now feeling 100% better with minimal joint pain and/or fatigue and am also sleeping much better. I have returned to the gym and yoga classes. I cannot thank Barbara Saker enough. Sandra Smith Thornlands. Qld Sandra Smith, – Thornlands, QLD