After thirty years of seeing Doctors and Psychologists, I , in despair went to a priest who then sent me to a Sister of Mercy for counselling. She took me to Barbara Saker who tested me on a machine and told me that I had worms. Barbara told me the worms had been my problem. I remember looking at her and thinking a number of things including the following edited thoughts: Big Deal! Who Cares! I did not really care one-way or the other. Such was my state of mind. Despair and hopelessness ruled my universe. But then I thought, if they are the problem, lets get rid of them! Initially we used homoeopathics and colloidal silver. Frankly not much seemed to happen and I wondered now and again whether I had worms at all. Such had been my experiences of health care that I was dubious about everything. Then in the same week, I passed an eleven-inch worm and then and eight inch worm. This was nothing compared to the 22 inch worm that came out on the Saturday morning of that week. There was no ambiguity about what it was. Nor was there any ambiguity about the sense of well being that I felt later on. Seeing believing! These monsters occupied a lot of space in my body. They had probably been there for decades. And I realised they were only the tip of the iceberg. There has been an increase in energy since I started treatment and what is more important, a sense of hope that I can have a life. The detoxification process is quite an experience. But the emergent sense of hope and well-being that is increasing daily is beyond words! Kind Regards, Raymond Willans Raymond Willans, – Brisbane, QLD