For approximately 14 years, I had been seeing a chiropractor for many different complaints, the most common being severe headaches lasting days, neck pain, twisted hips and an unstable lower back. I used to visit him up to three times a week. I had been feeling unwell for many years, no energy, headaches, lower back pain, sore kidneys and severe panic attacks. These panic attacks had been experienced since my childhood. After many tests from medical specialists and GP’s, I was told that I had glandular fever, diabetes type II and that I had suffered a breakdown. I had been studying, working full time as a preschool teacher, looking after a husband with a spinal injury and four children of my own. Finally in December 2003 I left work and went on a holiday for a month. When I came back I was chatting to on e of the office staff at work whose husband had been Barbara Saker (naturopath) and I thought I might see her too after the positive report from my co-workers husband. I met Barbara and was tested on the Vega Mora Machine. She was able to tell me that various organs in my body were quite sick, and unhealthy. Barbara picked up I had viruses, glandular fever, high stress levels and parasites. I was quite upset that no one else had picked up all the problems inside my body was suffering over the years.I went back fortnightly to Barbara and was given a change in diet, drops for the parasites, and the silver making machine that releases positive charges of silver into water. I drank up to 2-3 litres of silver water a day, and I noticed within 5 days that my body functions were starting to change, my headaches were going, I was urinating more frequently. This was the change my body needed. My next fortnightly visit saw my toxicity levels down from 11 to 7 in two weeks; I was so excited with the results. My headaches were gone, my lower back was great, and I had no dizziness and more energy.I went to my chiropractor and had him check me over, he was amazed that not one part of my body was under stress and no manipulations were needed. After nearly 14 years I have nothing wrong with me. He was speechless. I have continued with Barbara Saker Naturopath and my kidneys are nearly clear, my diabetes almost gone, no headache, no back pain, my skin has cleared up and I have lots more energy. All this after four weeks!!What a difference in my health, I am continually getting better every day!! Best of luck and health to all on your path to a healthy life. Kind Regards, Michelle Brasell Michelle Brasell, – Gold Coast, QLD