Early this year I contracted glandular fever. I was sweating all the time and I was feeling very low. I went and saw my local GP and all they told me was that I “had” glandular fever and that I may need to go on anti depresents to improve my mood. That did not sit well with me. I never wanted to go on anti depresents and I know deep down that I did not need to. Why I did not contact Barbara Saker earlier is a mystery. I did not have to “Physically” go and see her. All I had to do was send down a hair sample! After I did this I recieved a call from Barbara saying that she had tested the hair and that I was very sick with a multitude of problems. Barbara Express posted me the medicine to get me on track. As soon as I started taking Barbara’s perscribed medicine I began to feel better. My sweating has stopped and I have energy to burn. This is what makes Barbara so special. She did not just fix the immediate problem, She worked back and found out why it started, and what organ’s it affected. She also found Pin worm in my intestine as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I highly recommend Barbara to everyone. She has helped me so much and for that I am grateful. Regards Matthew Taudevin Matthew Taudevin, – Brighton QLD