In 1993 after working a lot as a teacher I got very sick and had bloating, rash on my face, exhaustion, poor appetite, nervousness. I went to see Barbara Saker in Burwood Melbourne. She used the Vega machine and told me I had gland problems and provided me with passiflora which is a bach flower remedy from the passionfruit plant. I took that and she recommended I got see a GP about my glands in case I had glandular fever. I liked the way she worked in a complementary way with GPs for a holistic approach. I had a blood test and I did have glandular fever but months before. It was present in my blood. I realised I had worked teaching right through that illness and that must have been why I lost so much weight and was so over tired. I was exhausted. I started eating better, took the passiflora, took vitamins, rested far more, worked part-time, and I did a liver cleansing program for 3 months. Seeing Barbara gave me confidence to make my own health a major focus for a few years. I read about health and I could see my tiredness was a systemic problem from over work and diet and using toxic paints at work. I am writing to thank Barbara for her help at that time, being so accurate in her diagnosis and providing the natural medicine, advice and encouragement. In my case it was nervous, my history and emotions related and I needed to focus more on my own health and well being. She helped me get on track. I am studying psychology now and wish to become a children’s counsellor because I am a primary and secondary teacher. I also work in kindergarten while studying. So I am also interested in health. I just finished a diploma of welfare working in school welfare. I have an art degree and theology certificate. I see all of these different fields as aids to well being. I never got time to write to her before because I knew she moved and I was raising my daughter who is now 17. When I went to Barbara I was in my 30’s. It is 20 years ago. I was so amazed at her accurate diagnosis at the time. Thanks so much. Liz, – Melbourne, Vic