Hi Barbara I visited you about three years ago now and I never got the opportunity to say thank you. I was only 19 years old and living very uncomfortably when I met Barbara. For about six months on end I had suffered chronic bladder infections. Upon meeting with over 6 doctors and receiving antibiotics each time, I was only relieved for about two weeks before the bladder infections would begin again. Not only could they not cure me, but they couldn’t even let me know what was causing them. Their excuses usually resulted in the same theory; that I must be getting them from being promiscuous (which I was not). By the sixth month the final doctor suggested I do a dye test (where they inject dye into your veins) to see what was wrong. I didn’t like this idea at all and decided to visit a naturopath for the first time that a work colleague of my mothers had suggested. The second I saw the Vega Mora machine I thought “you have got to be kidding – why am I even bothering with this hippy junk – no way will this work” Keep in mind I never told Barbara my symptoms – I simply sat down and we went to work. As soon as Barbara performed her job she told me that I had a bacteria growing on my bladder and intestines which are causing bladder infections and this was all easily fixed with some drops and a change of diet. How did she know all this without me saying anything to her? The cause had in fact not been my social life (which I already knew) but in fact medication for Meningococcal disease which I had taken earlier. This along with antibiotics and my diet had been feeding the bacteria. The relief was amazing – I actually sat there in front of Barbara, thanked her and cried – I had been living in pain and discomfort for so long – I had truly forgotten what it was like to feel well again. One month later I came back – it had completely cleared up and by following Barbara’s diet now three years later it is still gone. Admittedly I was at first daunted by the cost of Barbara’s sessions – however if you calculate all the doctors fees over the last six months and medication – I should have just seen Barbara in the first place and saved myself a ton of time, money and pain. Thank you Barbara I never got to say this all to you – but I owe my way of life to you – Thank you. Lauren Sutton Lauren Sutton, – Gold Coast, QLD