For two years I had stabbing pain every night. After seeing a Biliary Specialist, Urologist, Gastro Specialist, 2 colonoscopies, 3 endoscopies, taking 3 months off from work, 3 ultra sounds, the gall bladder HIDA test, dietician, my doctors told me it must be Crohn’s or IBS, or bowel disease. After seeing Barbara, straight away she picked up on my symptoms and said I was riddled with gallstones. I took the breakup capsules for a month. A week before I was due to do my flush, I started passing soft and hard stones in my stools. Finally I did my flush on a Wednesday night. I reacted badly and vomited the entire oil concoction. I was so upset and thought “it hasn’t worked”. However, on Sunday morning, a few days later, I had a funny feeling in my tummy. I went to the toilet and passed a solid stool. Then suddenly just liquid and stones passed. It was like I was peeing for a good minute, but stones were everywhere. Two days later on a Tuesday night the same thing happened again. Even after already passing hundreds of stones that weekend, I had hundreds more that night, many were the size of teeth. Most were easy to squash but some were still semi hard, but I had no pain passing them. Despite me not completing the flush instructions by vomiting, the softeners mixed with drinking lots of organic natural apple juice, has meant my body was able to remove these stones naturally. No need to have my gallbladder removed. Why anyone would want that baffles me anyway! We need everything in our bodies! Best of all, I haven’t had an attack at night since. I can eat fats again, I do need to strengthen my liver now, but to have my quality of life back has been the biggest thing! After two years of serious pain, it’s over. Seeing Barbara was like seeing a health psychic. She didn’t even ask for my symptoms. She knew by using her Vega machine to test me. She was even able to tell me the age I had health issues throughout my life. She was spot on with everything! I had lost faith in the medical profession. But Barbara has done what a Biliary Specialist should have been able to do. All he wanted to do originally was remove my gall bladder. Then the tests came back clear and he told me he could no longer help me. It was my gall bladder though. Thanks to Barbara I have more energy now. I’ve learnt that the liver is one of our most important organs. Gallstones are formed by the liver. That’s how one can pass thousands of stones as they hide in you. Thanks Barbara for being the only person after two years to get it right and fix my pain. Jess Jess, – Wellington Point, QLD