In my early years and up to my early 60s, I had always been fortunate enough to have good health, and I was very active. When I entered my middle 60`s things changed. I suffered from chronic pain, and a constant feeling of tiredness. I had pains in joints, sinus and breathing problems, and much more. Suddenly I was unable to carry out or complete many routine tasks which previously had been no problem. I just felt ill all the time. I convinced myself that this was how you must feel when you were in your 60`s. It was an ageing problem that I couldn’t do anything about. ( I had never been this age before!)
After getting severe dermatitis all over my body which turned into a golden staph infection from wrong treatment and misdiagnosis from someone else, I felt terrible and very ill.
This was when I was put in touch with Barbara.
Instantly my life began to change for the better. Barbara informed me that I had quite a few problems. She dealt with the Staph infection first, and for the first time in months from her treatment I was not itching, scratching and could sleep better.
I was unaware of the tropical diseases on the Gold Coast, and found that I had the Ross River Virus as well as the Barmah Virus. After Barbara’s treatment I could now walk around normally, and pain free. Previously I was unable to walk without limping, and cried many nights from the pain in my joints unaware of what I had.
I also suffered intermittently over several years with severe pain in my stomach, which made me pass out. Despite numerous doctors visits, and hospital visits no-one could give me an answer and so it continued. Barbara diagnosed me with Gall stones, and she was the only one to describe the symptoms that I had. I immediately knew that this was the problem, and after her treatment I have had no pain or symptoms.
As I said earlier I had lots of problems too numerous to mention. The above are just a few. However, Barbara has treated me over many months, and I am now free of everything she has treated me for. I just have a few more treatments to complete.
What I wish to say is that because of Barbara I now feel like I did 30 years ago. I just look 10 years younger from better health. My friends have remarked how well I look. It’s remarkable the improvement that has happened to my body.
Perhaps many of you may feel like I did and you too believe it’s just the body process. IT’S NOT. Like me it may be something you are not aware you have, but Barbara will find it and treat it correctly.
Barbara doesn’t provide miracles. However, what she does is by using her vast knowledge and skills she is able to diagnose accurately what the problem is and provide the correct treatment for your body with no side effects, just a feeling of wellness.
I cannot recommend her enough. To me I feel that she HAS performed a miracle, as I have got my life back, and I am now able enjoy my life again. For that I can never thank her enough.
I also cannot thank enough the person who recommended her to me. So I want to pay it forward to you. If you are feeling ill or just not the same person you were, I would like you to have the same opportunity that I had and recommend you contact Barbara. She will help you. She is a very kind, caring, and excellent practitioner. I hope you will soon be like me and enjoying life again.