Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection. In 2011, I developed a urinary tract infection which caused me severe discomfort. I went straight to the doctor who prescribed a course of antibiotics. After a few days the antibiotics started to work and I began to feel normal again. Three weeks later I developed another UTI which was treated with another round of antibiotics. The UTI’s then developed every three to four weeks over the course of a four month period. My health was affecting my relationship with my husband and made it very difficult to work full time. I was beside myself as every time the infection occurred the doctor would simply prescribe another round of antibiotics without looking into the cause of the problem. I then sought treatment from Barbara Saker. Straight away she found that the cause of the reoccurring UTI’s was fungus which had spread all over my body. She believed it had been originally caused by the pill and the antibiotics my doctor had prescribed over the last five months. As soon as I stopped the antibiotics, started her treatment and changed my diet the UTI’s cleared up straight away and two years on I have not had a UTI since. I highly recommend any woman who is suffering from persistent UTI’s to seek Barbara’s help. She is able to determine and treat the underlying cause of your problems instead of simply treating your symptoms. Catherine King, – Gold Coast, QLD