I was introduced to Cameron 6 weeks ago by his mum Barbara Saker, someone I truly respect and trust.
Cameron was asked to help with some very serious health issues that my fur puppy has been going through-something the vets could provide no solution for and really meant an uncomfortable and short life for him and great anxiety for his human family. Cameron has spent many hours in consultation with me to get the right medication according to his overall symptoms which now included a lot of fear. I am so grateful as at this time my little man is on none of the prescribed vet drugs because his symptoms have gone from needing the prescribed 4 doses of cortisone per day to just the homeopathic medication from Cameron. Cameron is still working on my little man to help him heal.
While speaking with Cameron I asked him if he could help me with some chronic anxiety problems I was trying to deal with. I didn’t understand where they were coming from but Cameron helped me understand that not dealing with many of our normal day to day issues can really harm the body. Again Cameron spent many hours in consultation with me prescribing the right homeopathic medication that gave me some fast relief. Again Cameron is still working to help heal my mind and body. Cameron has shown real concern, constantly keeping in touch to make sure the homeopathic medication is doing what he expects it to do. He has done this with both myself and my fur babies. In the short time I’ve been under Cameron’s care I can say he has shown us nothing but care and respect, he gives so much of his time to get results no matter what the challenge and the constant communication is really comforting .