After getting married in April 2009 my husband and I decided that we would try for our first child. After a year of having no luck I went to my doctor to get a check-up. I knew that my irregular or lack of a menstrual cycle may have something to do with my issues with conceiving. My doctor sent me for ultrasounds and I was told that I had polycystic ovaries and that was the reason why I was finding it hard to conceive. She then referred me to a gynaecologist. The gynaecologists ran some basic tests and asked me to go for a procedure that was going to cost me in excess of $3,000 just to confirm the ultrasound results which were clear that I definitely had polycystic ovaries (even I knew what the doctor was going to tell me after seeing the ultrasound as the cysts were that prominent). My husband and I decided that was a lot of money just to confirm and we weren’t happy with the help they were giving to try and help us. They appeared more interested in everything else other that a solution so we decided to look at other avenues; that’s when I heard about Barbara. I went online and looked at the services Barbara offered. I emailed her straight away about doing a hair analysis. Barbara was very quick to reply and within days I had sent my hair sample and Barbara had rang me to talk through the results which she had sent me in the mail. I was amazed at the information Barbara could tell me from my hair. Within another day or two my medication had arrived in the mail and I began taking it instantly. I also had to make some changes to my diet due to my body being intolerant to certain foods. I was surprised how quickly I could notice everything working. After one month of being on the medication and diet I had my first real menstrual period in over a year, I was delighted. My husband and I then decided to make sure we tried where we thought I may have been most fertile. I then had to take a trip to Victoria and whilst I was there I continued to take my medication and follow my diet. I was due to get another period whilst I was away however was a little disappointed when I didn’t. I arrived home a week after I was due to get my period and I still had no signs of getting it. I asked my husband if I should do a test to see and we were both pretty hesitant but decided to do one the next morning anyway. I was prepared for the heartache I had received many times before however this time, there on the stick was the answers I had been waiting to see; I was so full of emotion. I was still unsure as the lines were so faint and I couldn’t believe that everything may be falling into place. I showed my husband and we agreed to do another one the next day just to be sure. The next morning I woke up and ran straight for the bathroom and again there those precious lines were but a little darker this time. We were so Happy!! I booked in to the doctors to confirm and sent Barbara an email to thank her for all her help; without her I would have my little boy. My pregnancy ran smoothly and I continued to keep in contact with Barbara. When we decided to try for our second child last year I contacted Barbara again for her help and within four months found out that we were expecting. I am now less than four weeks away from having my second Son thanks to Barbara and her wonderful team. I have recommended Barbara to many of my work colleagues for many different medical reasons and encourage all of them to get the hair analysis done as I truly am amazed at the information that Barbara can tell you from a few strands of hair. Brooke White Brooke White, – Townsville, QLD