We flock to her with our aches and pains,
clogged up bowels, sudden weight gains,
migraines, hernias, even gammy knees,
She looks up and says, “Watches off please”.

Energy’s gone, vision’s all blurred,
She carries on checking, has she really heard?
This pain in my side, can you make it go?
Bloody doctor says I’m fine, what’d he know?

Her days are filled with an endless stream
of miseries, woes, some days it must seem
like the whole damn world has chronic fatigue,
candida, angina, and bones that creak.

She peers at you with knowing eyes,
You’re hooked – your time of glory flies,
The Vega beeps, then moans and groans,
How does it sense this pain in my bones?

She’s not impossibly thin and fit
like so many I’ve been to, Barb has grit!
She’s lived, like you, and felt the fear
Gone past it and grown and built a career.

She gives us hope for a new beginning,
To wipe the slate and come out winning.
To cleanse our bodies and souls of the crap
that weighs us down in a well-laid trap.

We who are strengthened by her care
bless our Barb for just being there
when the going gets tough and our bodies cry,
when its all too hard to even try.

We who love her, who’ve come to depend
on her skills and kindness, willingly send
our gratitude, love and best wishes too.
Barb, we send these things to you.