I started seeing Barbara Saker in 2003. I was exhausted and had gained about 10 kg within in a very short time but without a change to my diet or exercise routines. Despite doing 8km walks morning and night for 2 months and monitoring my food I did not lose even 1 kg. I had obviously become unwell over a period of time, so it wasn’t a fast, easy fix. But Barbara was incredibly knowledgeable and persistent as we worked through my issues which included thyroid and hormones.

Barbara is my ‘Go To Practitioner’!  When I returned from Africa and had been very ill and lost 6kg in 3 days with an awful gastro bug I went immediately to see Barbara. She quickly identified the obscure parasite and I began treatment immediately.

Over the last 16 years Barbara has treated a variety of my ailments. She is the most knowledgeable Naturopath I have attended. I have complete faith in her ability to address and resolve any health issues I may have.

I have been so pleased with my improved health outcomes I have referred more 20 people during this time. They too have had significantly improved health as a result of seeing Barbara.

It is much more convenient now to send a hair sample to the clinic than travel from Brisbane for an appointment. The supplies are then express posted to me and the care and service is wonderful. Barbara will continue to be my first choice health practitioner!