I had a troubled sleep one night as result of slight back pain, which made it difficult to get comfortable. When I woke up in the morning to get ready for work the pain persisted and made it difficult to get out of bed. It felt like I had the type of pain I would get after sitting down on the wrong angle, so I came to the conclusion that I had just been sleeping in a bad position during the night. As I got ready for work the back pain grew worse and a throbbing headache set in so I took some pain killers which eased the pain. By the time I reached work the headache and back pain had both set in again, so I took more pain killers which eased the back pain but failed to take away my throbbing headache which was only growing worse. After being at work little more than an hour I had to leave and was barley able to drive back to my apartment. The back pain had set in again and pain killers were failing to work and by now I wasn’t able to stand up straight. The only way I could relieve the pain was by lying down and staying completely still. I had a massage therapist come round and work on me for an hour. After doing everything he could for me, both the headache and back pain had eased, straight after he left though it all came back and was only getting worse. Later that day I had my Mum drive me to a chiropractor as I was unable to drive let alone walk thru the door. It was the same with the chiropractor, the pain eased but came straight back. By 9pm I was crippled over with pain and was unable to stay still in my bed. So I had my mum drive me to the hospital. The pain was absolutely unbearable by the time I was sitting in the waiting room and at one point it had me in tears. I was given prescribed pain killers and was on oxygen the entire night. The x-ray showed nothing and I was sent home at 5:30am the next morning with no solution. I threw up in the car park. I was bed bound for the next three days, unable to do anything. The first day I couldn’t go an hour without throwing up, when there was nothing left to throw up I was dry gagging until I later threw up a cup load of dark green bile, that some how relieved me of the back pain for a while. My mum was staying at my apartment with me right through the week as I was unable to do anything. I was only just able to get from my bed to the toilet and back, the headache made even that extremely painful. Mum later took me to Barbara Saker (Naturopath) who was quick to diagnose it as a Gall Bladder attack. I had a severe case of Gall Stones. My Gall Bladder was so full of stones and acidy bile, that it was seeping out and burning at my weak tissue in my back causing the back pain. The Naturopath put me on a strict fat free diet and on medication to help my headache and to break down the stones filling my Gall Bladder. I was back on my feet within the week and was eventually able to go back to work, which started off as about half a day at a time or less, but I needed the money. After dieting and being on the medication for close to two months I was then able to safely do a Gall Bladder cleanse which took 24 hours to complete. I wasn’t even half way through the cleanse when I began passing Gall stones – they kept coming, hundreds of them. I could feel them moving though my body before I was able to pass them. By the end of it I had passed hundreds maybe close to a thousand stones, which ranged from the size of a small pea to almost the size of a walnut. When I got back to work on the Monday I felt fantastic and full of energy. No one should have to go through the agony having Gall Stones. Adam May 17 years old Adam May, – Gold Coast, QLD