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The main services Barbara offers include: naturopathic and homeopathic, neuro emotional, weight loss, and hair analysis. If you require more information on any of our services please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Barbara offers a wide range of services to the public, in order to uphold our policy of treating the whole body physically, emotionally and mentally. We first test the patient using Bio-electronic machines mainly the VEGA and MORA both are German designed and are world renowned as diagnostic and therapy tools.

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Mora Superplus

Multifunctional Mora and EAP Instrument
Med-Tronik believe that the Mora-Superplus represents the ultimate in acupuncture meridian stress assessment, combined within the one instrument with direct meridian rebalancing / reharmonisation – achieved via unique meridian feedback (Mora Bioresonance) and / or via homeopathic-related...

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Neuro Emotional

N E T – Neuro Emotional Technique
This is an amazing science consolidated by Dr Scott Walker of America, allowing the practitioner in conjunction with the patient to release emotional blockages that may cause pain and trauma in the body and prevent the patient from achieving their full potential.

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Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is a method of examining the patient’s weakness and determining whether or not the patient is lacking in vitamins, minerals or amino acids.
More importantly it is a way of getting a composite picture of how the patient’s condition started to weaken, if there is an inherited factor causing the problem or an undiagnosed virus or bacteria.

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MRS 2000+

Magnetic field resonance therapy- the new form of therapy without the side effects. Body cells are the smartest, autonomous part of our organism. Nutrients and oxygen must be provided for proper functioning waste products, water and carbon dioxide are broken down, resulting in an undisturbed, energetic equilibrium.

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The Vega Method

The Vega story began in the 1950’s when Dr Voll, a Doctor of orthodox medicine, studied technique called Electro-Acupuncture (EAV). This technique required an experienced practitioner to make a minimum of 700 electrical readings on Acupuncture points before any conclusion was drawn. It was a very time-consuming process.

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