Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

To continue with the explanation of the Bach flowers:

AGRIMONY: is often used to help people that hide their worries under a mask of good humour. It may assist the patient in bringing their problems out in the open where they can deal with them

ASPEN: unexplained anxiety, fear that something will always go wrong. Aspen helps the emotions by alleviating unfounded fears.

BEECH: doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Will help with a more tolerant attitude to others.

CENTUARY: these people have a lot of trouble saying “No”, even when they know they should. Centuary will help restore their confidence in their own judgement.

CHERRY PLUM: often these people talk about suicide, are very angry. Cherry Plum appears to make them calmer and more in control.

Without stress and intense emotions there would not be so much sickness in our world today.

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CHESNUT BUD: Appears to help people that always seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. Chestnut bud gives a focus and allows positive changes to take place.

CHICORY: Chicory people are the ones that are of the opinion that they know best for everyone else. Chicory gives the security that they can love without needing to control.

CLEMATIS: These are the day-dreamers that live in a world of their own. Brings a sense of purpose to very sensitive souls.

CRAB APPLE: These people are often called OCD “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. Crab Apple can bring a sense of balance into their lives which makes living easier for them and the family around them.

ELM: These wonderful men & women are the salt of the earth where they try to take over all responsibility. Elm can help when they find it is too much and it is overwhelming.

Such simple medications without traumatic side effects to help to make life a little easier.