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Animal Hair Analysis


Animal Hair Analysis is a method of examining your pet’s weaknesses and determining whether or not the animal is lacking in vitamins, minerals or amino acids.  More importantly it is a way of getting a composite picture of how your pet’s health level started to weaken, if there is an inherited factor causing the problem, or it is an acquired condition.

Taking your pet for a walk and letting them eat the grass may be a problem that you may not be aware of, if that grass has been sprayed with chemicals.  That alone may result in kidney problems, vertigo, and nausea for your fur baby.

Pets are very emotional, and like humans, this can have an impact on their health.  Their friends being moved away can, like humans, leave them sad and depressed.

Their food is so important.  Many owners treat their pets like human family members and feed them human food.  This is not always good for an animal as they have different needs to their owners.

We compile a report that will suggest various ways and means to improve your pet’s health.  Often we recommend homeopathic remedies specifically prescribed for your pet.  Our homeopathics are very easy to administer and have no taste, so event the fussiest eaters will not object.

After purchase, simply download and fill out the “Information Required for Animal Hair Analysis” (for your pet’s first hair analysis) or the “Information Required for Follow Up Animal Hair Analysis” form that will be available in your download area and then mail it with your hair sample to the address provided on the form.

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After you complete your Animal Hair Analysis purchase, you will taken to the downloads area.

If your pet has not had a hair analysis previously, please complete the “Information Required for Animal Hair Analysis” form. If your pet has has a hair analysis previously, please use the “Information Required for Follow Up Animal Hair Analysis Form”.

You will need to send us a lock of hair approximately 20 strands of 2.5 cm long (if possible) in a clean plastic zip lock bag.  If your pet does not have enough hair to supply a sample, you can provide a swab from inside it’s mouth. Use a clean cotton bud and rub against the inside of your pet’s cheek.
Place the cotton bud in a clean plastic zip lock bag.

We will need your pet’s details (Name, date of birth, breed, etc) and your contact details (Name, address, phone number, email address) and a list of any medication or supplements that your pet is taking or has taken in the last couple of weeks. Please also note how your pet has been feeling, if you have any concerns or any health issues and any vaccinations your pet has had.

Fill out either the “Information Required for Animal Hair Analysis” or the “Information Required for Follow Up Animal Hair Analysis Form” form and mail it together with the hair or swab sample to 3 Dolphin Avenue, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218.