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MORA Therapy

Bringing Back the MORA Machine!

The MORA Machine is a machine that is well known to many of my patients. Its therapeutic value is well known, the world over.
Unfortunately the clinic did not have enough practitioners trained in the MORA to allow it to be used to treat our patients.
My son Cameron Saker is trained in the use and benefits of the MORA, so we are pleased to be able to introduce it again to accelerate the healing of our patients.

It has been used for many years in Europe and America by both Medical Doctors and Natural Therapists alike.
The MORA therapy is using the body’s own energy oscillations to influence therapeutically all organs and bodily functions. MORA Therapy is complimentary and compatible with all forms of diagnosis and treats all indications for biological medicine.

The emergence of Bio-energetic regulatory techniques ( B.E.R.) for both diagnoses and therapy has been largely made possible by the brilliant work of a number of German Doctors and scientists.
These techniques are one of the emerging aspects of new approaches to medicine all of which are conceptually in line with modern scientific thinking in terms of quantum physics.

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