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Lexi 2 3

November / December 2013

Published 16 December, 2013

This month I would like to introduce one of my patients, Lexi Brasell, who has just completed Year 12 at Kings Christian College....

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Small Boy

October 2013

Published 30 October, 2013

In this newsletter I would like to continue Ben's story, but first I must tell the story of "The Pregnant Boy of Kazakhstan". A little seven year old boy made medical history when Doctors told his mother that he had a large baby living inside him....

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Twins 2

September 2013

Published 16 October, 2013

I must apologise for being so late with this newsletter, but we have been so busy and we try to make sure our customers are serviced as quickly as possible with orders and hair samples....

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Lighting Candle

August 2013

Published 22 August, 2013

The Gold coast is having a pretend winter this year; the weather is so beautiful with warm sunny days around 25 degrees and cooler nights great for sleeping....

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Shoes And Medal

July 2013

Published 31 July, 2013

As I reported in the June Newsletter, our Administration Assistant, Julie, participated in the Gold Coast Marathon on 7th July. This month's newsletter is Julie's account of the day. I hope you enjoy reading her story....

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Hat And Gloves

June 2013

Published 26 June, 2013

The winter is upon us and everybody is complaining of the cold, I believe like myself the people that come from Melbourne have totally forgotten what cold is really like....

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Slow Cooker

May 2013

Published 30 May, 2013

Winter is starting to show itself and the nights are getting colder, here on the Gold Coast the days have still been beautiful with sunshine and warmth....

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Life Guard Tower

April 2013

Published 30 April, 2013

In Queensland we are having some beautiful weather at long last. I feel sure that we have had our supply of rain for the year within the last 3 months....

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Camping 2

March 2013

Published 02 April, 2013

Happy Easter to you all! At last the weather is improving and it looks like we have every chance of having a wonderful Easter Break. I am taking advantage of Easter to close the Clinic for a few extra days....

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Fresh Veges

February 2013

Published 04 March, 2013

FOOD FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. In a society where obesity is rife many people are almost scared of food, "if I do not eat I'll lose weight", which you will but the hard fact of this is that you cannot completely stop eating or you will die....

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