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Christmas Baubles

December 2014

Published 16 December, 2014

The Melbourne cup has been run, the shops are full of Christmas decorations and the special Christmas treats. The holidays are upon us. Schoolies week is over, and all the Carols Concerts are advertised around the various beaches....

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Beach Waves

November 2014

Published 27 November, 2014

November is an unusual month, it is a month where our children are sitting exams and the tensions run high in the families, a month where the parents are coming to the close of the year and are tired....

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October 2014

Published 29 October, 2014

There are some interesting experiments being done at the moment to assess the value of certain foods and the way they interact within our body, and the effects that they have on our concentration and energy levels....

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Go Green

September 2014

Published 23 September, 2014

For this month's newsletter I decided I would use an E-mail that I have had sent to me as it appealed to my grandma sense of humour, and I also noted the fact that its content is relevant to our environmental concerns....

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Herb Mortar Pestle 1

August 2014

Published 26 August, 2014

"Ancient Medicines" is a wonderful description....

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Family Marathon Photo

July 2014

Published 30 July, 2014

This month, I would like to share with you Julie's Marathon run as seen through the eyes of a friend and spectator. I hope you enjoy reading his account of Julie's run. Barbara Lessons learnt from a brave lady. Hello Dear Friends of the Barbara's Clinic....

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

June 2014

Published 30 June, 2014

This month is very special to most Natural Health Practitioners. Every June is the time that Metagenics hold their "International Congress on Natural Medicine"....

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Gc Marathon 1

May 2014

Published 30 May, 2014

Julie has signed up to compete in the Gold Coast Marathon again this year. This newsletter I have asked her to share her preparation with us. I am sure you will all join with me to wish Julie all the best for her 42....

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Herb Medicine

March / April 2014

Published 23 April, 2014

At the Clinic, we are very interested in researching ancient medicines how they were made and their sources. For centuries people have cared for and treated illness with natural medicines made from plants and trees....

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Menu Buffet01

January / February 2014

Published 28 February, 2014

Welcome to 2014 The holidays are over, and life begins all over again with the New Year and all its new challenges. Children are trying to come to terms with new schools, new teachers and new classmates....

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