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August 2018

Published 01 August, 2018

"The time has come the Walrus said" Over the past few months I have been exploring options on how I can best share my expertise....

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June 2018

Published 25 June, 2018

The government is undertaking a consultation process regarding the abolition of government rebates for natural therapies from private health insurance....

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January 2017

Published 25 January, 2017

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year....

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September 2016

Published 07 November, 2016

VITAMIN B2 (Riboflavin). Vitamin B2 has many important functions in our body, helping us to maintain good health. Vitamin B2 is required by the body to use Oxygen, and in the metabolism of many foods....

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Basket Of Fruit And Veg

August 2016

Published 03 August, 2016

This month, I thought that I would start to look at the B vitamins. They play such an important role in our overall health. A Vitamin B1 deficiency has been linked to severe mental illness....

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July 2016

Published 30 June, 2016

Many of us on the Gold Coast are fighting against the decision made by Warren Truss before he retired to allow a flight path over 60,000 homes on the seafront....

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June 2016

Published 15 June, 2016

We are halfway through the year with an election looming, and decisions for the country's future to be made. It is a serious time as our decisions will affect all of us for the next four years at the very least....

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Plane Over Beach

May 2016

Published 17 May, 2016

It has been such a long time since we have written our monthly newsletter and for this I must apologise. With the clinic so busy, and a few personal problems along the way, time has just escaped us....

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Tomato Plant

February 2015

Published 27 February, 2015

The holidays are over and we are back into routine here in my Naturopath clinic at Mermaid Beach. It seems to go so quickly....

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2015 1

January 2015

Published 22 January, 2015

The holidays are nearly spent , on the whole we have been so lucky with the weather, although the New Year Revellers would not have thought so, as right on Midnight the heavens opened on the Gold Coast, and people were running for shelter everywhere....

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Christmas Baubles

December 2014

Published 16 December, 2014

The Melbourne cup has been run, the shops are full of Christmas decorations and the special Christmas treats. The holidays are upon us. Schoolies week is over, and all the Carols Concerts are advertised around the various beaches....

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Beach Waves

November 2014

Published 27 November, 2014

November is an unusual month, it is a month where our children are sitting exams and the tensions run high in the families, a month where the parents are coming to the close of the year and are tired....

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October 2014

Published 29 October, 2014

There are some interesting experiments being done at the moment to assess the value of certain foods and the way they interact within our body, and the effects that they have on our concentration and energy levels....

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Go Green

September 2014

Published 23 September, 2014

For this month's newsletter I decided I would use an E-mail that I have had sent to me as it appealed to my grandma sense of humour, and I also noted the fact that its content is relevant to our environmental concerns....

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Herb Mortar Pestle 1

August 2014

Published 26 August, 2014

"Ancient Medicines" is a wonderful description....

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Family Marathon Photo

July 2014

Published 30 July, 2014

This month, I would like to share with you Julie's Marathon run as seen through the eyes of a friend and spectator. I hope you enjoy reading his account of Julie's run. Barbara Lessons learnt from a brave lady. Hello Dear Friends of the Barbara's Clinic....

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

June 2014

Published 30 June, 2014

This month is very special to most Natural Health Practitioners. Every June is the time that Metagenics hold their "International Congress on Natural Medicine"....

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Gc Marathon 1

May 2014

Published 30 May, 2014

Julie has signed up to compete in the Gold Coast Marathon again this year. This newsletter I have asked her to share her preparation with us. I am sure you will all join with me to wish Julie all the best for her 42....

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Herb Medicine

March / April 2014

Published 23 April, 2014

At the Clinic, we are very interested in researching ancient medicines how they were made and their sources. For centuries people have cared for and treated illness with natural medicines made from plants and trees....

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Menu Buffet01

January / February 2014

Published 28 February, 2014

Welcome to 2014 The holidays are over, and life begins all over again with the New Year and all its new challenges. Children are trying to come to terms with new schools, new teachers and new classmates....

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Lexi 2 3

November / December 2013

Published 16 December, 2013

This month I would like to introduce one of my patients, Lexi Brasell, who has just completed Year 12 at Kings Christian College....

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Small Boy

October 2013

Published 30 October, 2013

In this newsletter I would like to continue Ben's story, but first I must tell the story of "The Pregnant Boy of Kazakhstan". A little seven year old boy made medical history when Doctors told his mother that he had a large baby living inside him....

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Twins 2

September 2013

Published 16 October, 2013

I must apologise for being so late with this newsletter, but we have been so busy and we try to make sure our customers are serviced as quickly as possible with orders and hair samples....

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Lighting Candle

August 2013

Published 22 August, 2013

The Gold coast is having a pretend winter this year; the weather is so beautiful with warm sunny days around 25 degrees and cooler nights great for sleeping....

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Shoes And Medal

July 2013

Published 31 July, 2013

As I reported in the June Newsletter, our Administration Assistant, Julie, participated in the Gold Coast Marathon on 7th July. This month's newsletter is Julie's account of the day. I hope you enjoy reading her story....

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Hat And Gloves

June 2013

Published 26 June, 2013

The winter is upon us and everybody is complaining of the cold, I believe like myself the people that come from Melbourne have totally forgotten what cold is really like....

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Slow Cooker

May 2013

Published 30 May, 2013

Winter is starting to show itself and the nights are getting colder, here on the Gold Coast the days have still been beautiful with sunshine and warmth....

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Life Guard Tower

April 2013

Published 30 April, 2013

In Queensland we are having some beautiful weather at long last. I feel sure that we have had our supply of rain for the year within the last 3 months....

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Camping 2

March 2013

Published 02 April, 2013

Happy Easter to you all! At last the weather is improving and it looks like we have every chance of having a wonderful Easter Break. I am taking advantage of Easter to close the Clinic for a few extra days....

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Fresh Veges

February 2013

Published 04 March, 2013

FOOD FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. In a society where obesity is rife many people are almost scared of food, "if I do not eat I'll lose weight", which you will but the hard fact of this is that you cannot completely stop eating or you will die....

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Mould 2

January 2013

Published 30 January, 2013

I have included the tips for cleaning of mould that was in the last newsletter as we have had a lot of enquiries about removing mould from our homes. I would like to talk about the dangers of fungi and moulds....

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Christmas Bells

December 2012

Published 02 December, 2012

Well another year is nearly over. If you are looking for last minute gift ideas we have the answer. We have a selection of creams to choose from or a gift voucher for the person who has everything....

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October 2012

Published 12 November, 2012

The weather is getting warmer and our year is drawing to a close. There is a need to re-assess our health and our lifestyles to prepare for the New Year ahead and a new beginning....

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Foam On Sand

September 2012

Published 09 October, 2012

In Queensland we are enjoying such beautiful weather, we walk the beaches, take our coffee in the sunshine, our water is warm enough to swim in though at this time of the year it is mainly our southern visitors that you see swimming....

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May 2012

Published 05 June, 2012

We are nearly at the end of May and so much is happening at this time....

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Easter Eggs

April 2012

Published 09 May, 2012

Hi I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. On the Gold Coast the weather was perfect. It was great to see all the tourists enjoying this paradise again after the weather we have had over the last year....

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Mosquito 1

February 2012

Published 03 March, 2012

So far, this year has been challenging for us all in Australia, apart from the financial crisis and job cuts, Australians have suffered enormous losses from Bushfires and Floods....

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January 2012

Published 08 February, 2012

A Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all. I hope you all have had a great holiday and some well earned rest. I went to Norfolk Island with friends for a week over Christmas....

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