September 2012

Published 09/10/2012
Foam On Sand

In Queensland we are enjoying such beautiful weather, we walk the beaches, take our coffee in the sunshine, our water is warm enough to swim in – though at this time of the year it is mainly our southern visitors that you see swimming. Every day we should give thanks for our blessings.

I would like to talk to you about amino acids and their contribution to our health. They are not widely recognised as vitamins and minerals but they are so important in our maintenance regime.

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body. Your muscles, organs, brain, skin, bones, hair, and nails – your entire body is made of proteins. Proteins are amino acids. Small deficiencies of one or more of the amino acids can lead to malnutrition, allergies, depression, diabetes, schizophrenia and chronic illnesses of many kinds.

There are 22 amino acids – 8 are called essential amino acids.

Tryptophane: – is used in some countries as a cure for insomnia. Oats carry this amino acid Phenylalanine: – activates endorphins, which helps with chronic pain. Oats again has this ingredient Arginine/Ornithine & Methionine: – is often known as the fat burners because of their relationship with the pituitary gland
Cysteine: – needs to be taken with Vitamin C. This amino acid is a favourite of people with thinning hair Taurine: – is called the brain amino acid as it works with choline to help the neurotransmitters that promote thinking ability
Aspartic acid: – is essential for the function of the lung and respiratory organs, heart and blood vessels

In good health


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